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【アメルスフォールト(オランダ)2012年12月17日PRN=共同JBN】社会的投資機関として世界的な協同組合組織のオイコクレジット(Oikocredit)は2013年1月1日付けで、デービッド・ウッズ(David Woods)氏がマネジングディレクターに就任することを歓迎する。

(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20121217/580253

ウッズ氏の任命はベン・シムズ(Ben Simmes)氏が近く定年退職することになるためで、シムズ氏はオイコクレジットに16年間在職して要職を歴任してきた。

ウッズ氏は広範な国際ビジネスと指導者としての経験を積んでおり、銀行界で幾つかの上級職を務め、パリ所在のEuropean Institute of Interdisciplinary Research諮問会議メンバーでもある。

オイコクレジットのサロミ・センガニ(Salome Sengani)理事会長は、ウッズ氏の経験をこの事業体に結び付けることを喜んでいるとして、「ウッズ氏はこの事業体に広範な分野での能力と経験をもたらすことになるが、私たちは複雑で複数の利害関係者がいる環境での彼の多彩な体験がオイコクレジットの将来に積極的に貢献するものと信じている」と述べた。




彼がオイコクレジットのマネジングディレクターに就任することになったため、シムズ氏はオランダのインクルーシブ・ファイナンス(貧困層差別を無くす包括的金融支援)機関であるNPM(Netherlands Platform for Microfinance)の会長として、マイクロファイナンス(中小企業・団体向け融資)分野で新しい任務に就く。





David Woods to Begin as Managing Director Oikocredit


AMERSFOORT, The Netherlands, Dec. 17/PRN=KYODO JBN/ --


    Social investor and worldwide cooperative, Oikocredit, will welcome Mr

        David Woods as its new managing director from 1 January 2013

    (Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20121217/580253 )

    Mr Woods' appointment follows the pending retirement of Mr Ben Simmes, who

has been with Oikocredit for sixteen years across a number of key roles.

    Mr Woods has extensive international business and leadership experience,

having held senior positions in the banking sector and as an advisory board

member to the European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research in Paris.

    Oikocredit board president, Ms Salome Sengani, said the board was very

pleased to have someone of Mr Woods' experience join the organization.

    "Mr Woods brings a wide range of skills and experience to the organization

and we believe his diverse background across complex, multi-stakeholder

environments will contribute positively to Oikocredit's future," Ms Sengani


    As an Irish national who graduated from Harvard University, Mr Woods began

his career with Royal Bank of Canada, where he held several positions before

moving to Dutch based financial institution, ABN AMRO, where he stayed for

twenty years.

    His roles with ABN AMRO included global head of e-commerce for financial

markets, country head for Japan and Sweden and later COO/CFO for the Middle


    Before joining Oikocredit, Mr Woods held leadership positions in various

financial organizations in the United Arab Emirates, including CEO of a

regional investment bank.

    His appointment as Oikocredit managing director will see Mr Simmes move to

a new role in the microfinance sector as chairman of NPM, Platform for

Inclusive Finance, in The Netherlands.

    Mrs Sengani said Mr Simmes played a key role in developing and implementing

Oikocredit's social performance management strategy which strengthened

Oikocredit's reputation as a social organization.

    "The board is grateful for the contributions Mr Simmes made over his time

with Oikocredit and wish him every success with his new endeavours during

retirement," added Ms Sengani.

    Oikocredit is one of the world's largest sources of private funding to the

microfinance sector, providing credit and equity to small businesses through

microfinance institutions across the developing world and directly to trade

cooperatives, fair trade organizations and small-to-medium sized enterprises.

    SOURCE: Oikocredit