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2013/3/28 13:55


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【フォートワシントン(米ペンシルベニア州)、東京2013年3月28日】有力な世界的受託研究機関(CRO)であるReSearch Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (RPS)と日本最大のCROの1つであるアスクレップ社(Asklep Inc)は28日、バイオ医薬品、医療機器業界向けに日本で先端的な研究開発アウトソーシング・ソリューションを提供する合弁事業会社の設立を発表した。





ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services(RPS)は革新的なアウトソーシング臨床開発ソリューションの市場をリードする世界的なプロバイダーであり、顧客のタイプ(大規模、中規模、小規模)に応じてカスタム化された包括的な第I-IV相サービスを提供して、バイオ医薬品、医療機器、診断薬業界の変化する必要を満たしている。







1992年に東京で創立されたアスクレップ(http://www.asklep.co.jp)はモニタリング、データ管理、バイオ統計、包括的なCRA訓練を含む臨床研究サービスを提供している。インテージ・グループ(Intage Group、http://www.intage.co.jp/)のメンバーとして、同社は医学研究、システム・ソリューションを通じて医薬品開発にフルサポート・サービスを提供している。

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Business Contacts: Samir Shah, Executive Vice President,

Strategic Development and R&D Business Operations, sshah@rpsweb.com;

or Tadazumi Matsuura, ASKLEP Inc. Corporate Planning and Development, Phone:

+81-3-5979-1001, Fax: +81-3-3590-7111;

or Marketing & Media Contacts:Sean P.Quinn, Director, Global Marketing, squinn@rpsweb.com

ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services Announces Joint Venture with Asklep in Japan


FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. and TOKYO, March 28, 2013 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

    ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services Inc. ("RPS"), a leading global contract

research organization (CRO), and Asklep Inc. ("Asklep"), one of Japan's largest

CROs, today announced the creation of a Joint Venture Company (JVC) to deliver

leading-edge R&D outsourcing solutions in Japan to the biopharmaceutical and

medical device industries.  

    The exclusive RPS-Asklep collaboration will leverage RPS' proprietary

structures and global footprint to deliver customized solutions across large,

mid-size and small and virtual organizations. A breadth of options ranging from

embedded, hybrid, and full-service solutions will be available to clients using

best-in-class standard operating procedures, processes and systems.  Alan

Morgan, RPS' Chief Operating Officer, will assume the role of Chief Executive

Officer (CEO) of the JVC, in addition to his current responsibilities.

    Commenting upon the announcement Daniel Perlman, CEO and Founder of RPS

said, "By combining RPS' innovative approaches to meeting the industry's needs

with Asklep's excellent reputation, significant size, and local infrastructure,

RPS will be positioned to meet current and future needs across the

biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.  Japan is an important market

for clinical development and this JVC brings ownership and accountability with

mutual success and long-term stability to the benefit of customers."

    Hiroshi Ichikawa, President and CEO of Asklep said, "We are delighted to

partner with RPS as it provides very unique solutions ranging from embedded,

functional and cross-functional programs to enhanced global full-service

solutions. Combining RPS' global solutions and Asklep's localized services, we

believe the JVC will address an unmet need in Japan."

    About RPS   

    ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services (RPS), the market leading global provider

of innovative outsourcing Clinical Development Solutions, provides

comprehensive Phase I-IV services to meet the evolving needs of the

Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device and Diagnostic industries, customized by

customer type (large, mid-size, and small).  Built organically, RPS is the

fastest growing top 10 global Clinical Research Organization (CRO), with more

than 5,000 employees and operations in more than 64 countries with proprietary

internal structures.  These structures provide both RPS and its partner's

greater development flexibility and growth.  RPS is uniquely positioned to

provide the following customized clinical development solutions:

  -- Large organizations: RPS provides innovative, Embedded, portfolio-wide

     clinical development solutions  delivering multi-million dollar cost

     savings, greater quality and the ability to manage more within their

     portfolio while retaining strategic control and effectively managing

     regulatory risk.


  -- Midsize organizations: RPS has leveraged its market leading Embedded

     Clinical Development Solutions expertise providing an innovative model

     that enables the efficient internal development of a midsize company's

     product portfolio with greater control and flexibility, accelerated

     development timelines and substantially reduced costs.

  -- Virtual/Small Organizations: RPS provides a comprehensive project based

     delivery solution with market leading full service processes and tools.

     Our in-house drug development expertise combined with outstanding project

     management means that our clients achieve superior execution on

     efficiently designed studies.  RPS recruits in excess of 100,000 patients

     a year with performance ahead of industry leading benchmarks.

    For more information about RPS, visit http://www.rpsweb.com.

    About Asklep    

    Asklep, Inc., (http://www.asklep.co.jp) founded in 1992, in Tokyo, Japan,

provides clinical research services including monitoring, data management,

biostatistics, and comprehensive CRA training. As a member of the Intage Group

(http://www.intage.co.jp/), we provide full support service for drug

development through medical research and system solutions.

    SOURCE: ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services Inc.

    CONTACT:  Business Contacts: Samir Shah, Executive Vice President,

Strategic Development and R&D Business Operations, sshah@rpsweb.com; or

Tadazumi Matsuura, ASKLEP Inc. Corporate Planning and Development, Phone:

+81-3-5979-1001, Fax: +81-3-3590-7111; or Marketing & Media Contacts: Sean P.

Quinn, Director, Global Marketing, squinn@rpsweb.com