◎ウクライナ政府閣僚が国家経済発展計画の内容を説明  ABC: Ukraine & Partnersで 

ABC: Ukraine & Partners

2013/6/12 15:15

◎ウクライナ政府閣僚が国家経済発展計画の内容を説明  ABC: Ukraine & Partnersで 

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【キエフ(ウクライナ)2013年6月12日PRN=共同JBN】ウクライナ政府の3閣僚は13日、ウクライナとパートナーの国際年次ビジネス会議である「ABC: Ukraine & Partners」の出席代表に対し、「ウクライナ国家経済発展活性化計画 2013-2014」の詳細を説明する。














ソース:ABC: Ukraine & Partners

Ukraine Cabinet Ministers to Present State Economic Development Program at International Business Conference


KIEV, Ukraine, June 12 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

Three Ukraine cabinet ministers will present details of "The State Activation

Program for the economic development of Ukraine for 2013 - 2014" to delegates

of "ABC: Ukraine & Partners" on Thursday.

The presentation will be made by Serhiy Arbuzov (First Vice Prime Minister of

Ukraine), Igor Prasolov (Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine)

and Mikhail Korolenko (Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine).

Serhiy Arbuzov said that discussing the program at such a prestigious forum

demonstrates a, "strong, pragmatic and open government policy aimed at the

modernization of the national economy."

Arbuzov explained that the program will fulfill three main objectives:

- Boost economic growth;

- Begin modernizing the real sector of the national economy, increasing share

production with high added value;

- Infrastructure development and modernization of communal utilities.

The program is designed to increase Ukraine's economic competitiveness and

improve the investment climate. It will also support key branches which form

the largest contributions to GDP, including steel production, agriculture,

machinery and chemical production. In addition, the program will provide

economic assurances for small and medium-size business, in particular textiles,

the woodworking industry and the IT sector.

According to Arbuzov, during the first phase of the Program a number of

financial instruments are to be created in order to provide the real sector of

the economy with long-term and low-cost loans, without which the key assets of

enterprise cannot be modernized.

Furthermore, Arbuzov emphasized that the Program will be balanced against the

real budget capability.

"Only those tasks and activities which can be backed with financial resources

remain in the final version of the Program. This is a guarantee that the

adopted program will be implemented," commented Arbuzov.

According to Igor Prasolov, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, the

business forum will open up broad opportunities for further dialogue between

authorities and the business sector.

"The conference will contribute to closer partnerships between business circles

of various countries and will help to create a favourable investment

environment in Ukraine. It will also improve Ukraine's global standing as a

reliable business partner. This will help our country to boost its national

economy and ensure public well-being."

Mykhailo Korolenko, Minister of Industrial Policy, expressed his agreement on

this point.

SOURCE: ABC: Ukraine & Partners