◎I・バンク氏を最高財務責任者に指名 パレクセル・インターナショナル


2013/6/14 15:35

◎I・バンク氏を最高財務責任者に指名 パレクセル・インターナショナル

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共同JBN 0705 (2013.6.14)

【ボストン2013年6月14日PRN=共同JBN】有力な世界的バイオ医薬品サービス会社であるパレクセル・インターナショナル(PAREXEL International Corporation、http://www.parexel.com/;ナスダック:PRXL)は14日、このほどインゴ・バンク(Ingo Bank)氏が同社上級副社長に指名され、年度末監査済み財務報告書提出後の9月1日付で最高財務責任者(CFO)に就任すると発表した。バンク氏は7月8日、ロイヤル・フィリップス(Royal Philips)からパレクセルに入社する。同氏はロイヤル・フィリップスのCFO、フィリプス・ヘルスケアの執行副社長を務めていた。バンク氏は米マサチューセッツ州ウォルサムのパレクセル本社に駐在する。





バンク氏はドイツ出身で、ドイツのヴィッテン・ヘァデッケ大学で経営学修士号を、オランダのアムステルダム・マーストリヒト大学でレジスタード・コントローラー(Registered Controller)の資格を取得した。


▽パレクセル・インターナショナル(PAREXEL International Corporation)について

パレクセル・インターナショナルは世界的大手バイオ医薬品会社として、広い領域で知識ベースの委託研究((http://www.parexel.com/clinical-research-services)、コンサルティング、医療コミュニケーション・サービスを世界の医薬品、バイオテクノロジー、医療機器業界に提供している。市場進出時間、ピーク・マーケット・ペネトレーションを促進するソリューションの提供にコミットしているパレクセルは、医薬品開発と規制コンサルティングから臨床薬理学、臨床試験管理、医療教育、償還に至る開発と商業化の連続体全体にわたって重要な専門知識を身につけている。パレクセルの子会社であるPerceptive Infomatics, Inc.は、医療画像を含む先進的な技術ソリューションを提供して臨床開発プロセスを容易にしている。米マサチューセッツ州ボストン近くに本社を置くパレクセルは、世界52カ国の78カ所で活動しており、従業員は約1万4400人。パレクセル・インターナショナルについての詳しい情報はhttp://www.parexel.comを参照。

PAREXELはPAREXEL International Corporationの登録商標、Perceptive InfomaticsはPerceptive Infomatics, Inc.の登録商標。ほかのすべての名称、マークはPAREXEL International Corporation、Perceptive Infomatics, Inc.あるいはそれぞれの所有者の登録商標または商標であり、ここに通告する。


Jill Baker

Corporate Vice President

Investor Relations

Tel: +1-781-434-4118

Email: Jill.Baker@PAREXEL.com;

Diana Martin

Vice President

Corporate Communications

PAREXEL International

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Email: Diana.Martin@PAREXEL.com

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PAREXEL International Appoints Ingo Bank as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


BOSTON, June 14, 2013 /PRN=KYOD JBN/ --

      - Industry veteran brings 18 years of global finance, operations, and

             strategic corporate development experience to PAREXEL

     PAREXEL International Corporation (http://www.parexel.com/) (NASDAQ:

PRXL), a leading global biopharmaceutical services provider, today announced

that Ingo Bank has been appointed Senior Vice President and will become Chief

Financial Officer on September 1, after fiscal year-end audited financial

statements are filed.  He joins PAREXEL on July 8 from Royal Philips, where he

served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Philips

Healthcare.  Mr. Bank will be based at the Company's corporate headquarters in

Waltham, Massachusetts.

    Mr. Bank succeeds outgoing CFO James F. Winschel, Jr., who will remain at

PAREXEL as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer until September 1,

after which he will serve as Executive Vice President until he retires in

2014.  Mr. Winschel will focus on ensuring a smooth transition and improving

the Company's profitability.  PAREXEL announced Mr. Winschel's retirement in

August 2012.

    "PAREXEL is pleased to welcome a leader with Ingo's global experience.  He

has an impressive record overseeing financial management across a variety of

industry sectors. Ingo's business acumen and focus on continuous improvement

and performance will serve us well as we drive our growth strategy and focus on

continuing to deliver profitable results to our stakeholders," said Josef von

Rickenbach, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PAREXEL International.

    Before joining PAREXEL International, Mr. Bank spent 18 years with Royal

Philips, holding numerous senior global finance positions. He was the Chief

Audit Executive of Royal Philips, was appointed into CFO roles to build and

transform the LCD business for Philips in Japan and China, managed mergers and

acquisitions, and served as CFO of the global Philips Lamps business. As EVP

and CFO of Philips Healthcare, Mr. Bank also was a speaker at analyst events

and interacted with investors.  

    On his new appointment, Mr. Bank said, "I am excited to join PAREXEL, a

leader in the CRO (http://www.parexel.com/) industry.  I join an exceptional

management team and look forward to contributing to the Company's profitable


    Mr. Bank is a native of Germany, holds a Master's of Business

Administration from the University Witten-Herdecke, Germany, and is a

Registered Controller from University Amsterdam/Maastricht, The Netherlands.

    "As we welcome Ingo Bank to PAREXEL, I would also like to recognize Jim's

commitment to overseeing the worldwide financial management for the Company.  

Under his leadership, PAREXEL's market capitalization grew from $225 million to

$2.7 billion, service revenue increased from $378 million to $1.7 billion and

backlog grew from $385 million to over $4 billion," said Mr. von Rickenbach.  

He added, "We thank Jim for his efforts and his continued involvement in the


    About PAREXEL International

    PAREXEL International Corporation is a leading global bio/pharmaceutical

services organization, providing a broad range of knowledge-based contract

research (http://www.parexel.com/clinical-research-services), consulting, and

medical communications services to the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotechnology

and medical device industries. Committed to providing solutions that expedite

time-to-market and peak-market penetration, PAREXEL has developed significant

expertise across the development and commercialization continuum, from drug

development and regulatory consulting to clinical pharmacology, clinical trials

management, medical education and reimbursement. Perceptive Informatics, Inc.,

a subsidiary of PAREXEL, provides advanced technology solutions, including

medical imaging, to facilitate the clinical development process. Headquartered

near Boston, Massachusetts, PAREXEL operates in 78 locations throughout 52

countries around the world, and has approximately 14,400 employees. For more

information about PAREXEL International visit http://www.PAREXEL.com.

    This release contains "forward-looking" statements regarding future results

and events.   For this purpose, any statements contained herein that are not

statements of historical fact may be deemed forward-looking statements.  

Without limiting the foregoing, the words "believes," "anticipates," "plans,"

"expects," "intends," "appears," "estimates," "projects," "will," "would,"

"could," "should,"  "targets," and similar expressions are also intended to

identify forward-looking statements.  The forward-looking statements in this

release involve a number of risks and uncertainties.  The Company's actual

future results may differ significantly from the results discussed in the

forward-looking statements contained in this release.  Important factors that

might cause such a difference include, but are not limited to, risks associated

with: actual operating performance; actual expense savings and other operating

improvements resulting from recent and anticipated restructurings; the loss,

modification, or delay of contracts which would, among other things, adversely

impact the Company's recognition of revenue included in backlog; the Company's

dependence on certain industries and clients; the Company's ability to win new

business, manage growth and costs, and attract and retain employees; the

Company's ability to complete additional acquisitions and to integrate newly

acquired businesses or enter into new lines of business; the impact on the

Company's business of government regulation of the drug,  medical device and

biotechnology industry; consolidation within the pharmaceutical industry and

competition within the biopharmaceutical services industry; the potential for

significant liability to clients and third parties; the potential adverse

impact of health care reform; and the effects of exchange rate fluctuations and

other international economic, political, and other risks.   Such factors and

others are discussed more fully in the section entitled "Risk Factors" of the

Company's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ended March 31,

2013 as filed with the SEC on May 6, 2013, which "Risk Factors" discussion is

incorporated by reference in this press release.  The Company specifically

disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements in the

future.  These forward-looking statements should not be relied upon as

representing the Company's estimates or views as of any date subsequent to the

date of this press release.

    PAREXEL is a registered trademark of PAREXEL International Corporation, and

Perceptive Informatics is a trademark of Perceptive Informatics, Inc. All other

names or marks may be registered trademarks or trademarks of PAREXEL

International Corporation, Perceptive Informatics, Inc. or their respective

owners and are hereby acknowledged.

    CONTACTS: Jill Baker

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              Email: Jill.Baker@PAREXEL.com;

              Diana Martin

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     SOURCE: PAREXEL International Corporation