BroccoliniとMagil Laurentianが旧Merck Canadaの買収を発表


2014/9/10 15:50

BroccoliniとMagil Laurentianが旧Merck Canadaの買収を発表

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【カークランド(カナダ・ケベック州)2014年9月10日PRN=共同通信JBN】Broccolini Limited Partnership No. 2とMagil Laurentian Realty Investmentsは10日、カナダ・ケベック州カークランドのトランスカナダ・ハイウェー沿いにある旧Merck Canada複合体の買収を完了したと発表した。BroccoliniとMagil Laurentianは協力して、「Quartier Evolution」と改称されたこの世界クラスの50エーカーの事業用、混合使用キャンパスを開発する。BroccoliniとMagil Laurentianは将来のテナントのニーズを完全に満たすため、建設、不動産開発、資産管理専門家の資格を持つ共同チームを派遣する。


Broccoliniのポール・ブロッコリーニ執行副社長は「Quartier Evolutionのテナントはこのユニークな施設から素晴らしいサービスを受けるだろう。さらに、新しい施設ではまねのできないコストで無数のサービス、インフラから恩恵を受けるだろう」と述べている。

Magil Laurentianのゲーリー・ポラチェク社長は「このような極めて優れた質の不動産が入手可能になるのは珍しい。この高名なビジネス・キャンパスを開発して多くの柔軟性と価値を先端的な企業に提供できるのを喜んでいる」と指摘している。

▽Quartier Evolution:多機能スペース



将来のテナントにとってリースの可能性は大きい。フロア全体、ビル全体をリースしたり、サイト内でアドレスを増やしたりすることもできる。特定の必要に応じて建物を追加建築することもできる。さらに、企業はBroccolini、Magil Laurentianと提携してスペースの設計から建設までターンキー・ソリューションの恩恵を受けることもできる。



▽見通しのよい場所:TransCanada Highway沿い

TransCanada Highwayへのアクセスはすぐであり、どんな企業にも現実の利益である。Quartier Evolutionはピエールエリオット・トリュドー国際空港から15分足らずの場所にあり、コートベルテュ・メトロ駅行きのウエストアイランド・バスターミナルに近い。1キロ足らずの場所にあるフェアビュー・ポイント・クレア・ショッピングセンターは近所の買い物の店であり、レストラン、カフェ、ファストフード、デイケア施設、サービス、小売店がそろった中心地である。ダウンタウン・モントリオールは車で東へ30分、オタワは西へ90分である。

これらすべての理由でQuartier Evolutionは中心オフィス、地域オフィス、生命科学、医療施設、データセンター、製造施設、さらには研究施設に理想的な場所である。



▽Magil Laurentianについて

Magil Laurentianは総合的な資産、不動産管理会社で、オフィス、産業、住宅の専門知識と不動産を持っている。同社はモントリオール、トロント、ケベック市にオフィスがある。Magil Laurentianは企業オーナーのように考え、専門マネジャーのように行動する。Magil Laurentianは不動産に情熱を抱いている。

キャプションつき映像:「BroccoliniとMagil Laurentianがカナダ・ケベック州カークランドの旧Merck Canada 複合体の買収を発表(Group/Broccolini)」。映像は以下で入手可能。


Quartier Evolution

Roger Plamondon

+1-514-737-0076 ext. 233


Roger Plamondon

+1-514-737-0076 ext. 233

Magil Laurentian

Gary Polachek

+1-514-875-6010 ext. 4264



Broccolini and Magil Laurentian Announce the Acquisition of the Former Merck Canada Complex in Kirkland, Quebec


KIRKLAND, Quebec, Sept. 10, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

    Broccolini Limited Partnership No. 2 and Magil Laurentian Realty

Investments announced today that they have closed on the acquisition of the

former Merck Canada complex along the TransCanada Highway in Kirkland, Quebec.

Broccolini and Magil Laurentian have joined forces to develop this world-class

50-acre business and mixed-use campus which was renamed "Quartier Evolution".

The partnership between Broccolini and Magil Laurentian brings together a

qualified team of professionals in construction, real estate development and

property management, in order to fully meet the needs of future tenants.

    Photo -

    "Tenants of Quartier Evolution will be well-served by these unique

facilities. Furthermore, they will benefit from a myriad of services and

infrastructure at a cost that could not be replicated in a new facility,"

stated Paul Broccolini, Executive Vice-President, Broccolini.

    "Rarely does a property of this exceptional quality become available. We

are delighted to be developing this prestigious business campus, offering

tremendous flexibility and value to leading-edge companies," noted Gary

Polachek, President, Magil Laurentian.

    Quartier Evolution: Multifunctional spaces

    With 450,000 square feet of office and life science space in several

free-standing and connected buildings, another 400,000 of assembly or light

manufacturing, distribution and warehousing space, and land for future

expansion, the campus can easily accommodate the needs and provide tremendous

flexibility to the most discerning companies. It also offers a very unique

consolidation and data centre opportunity.

    Leasing possibilities

    The leasing possibilities are numerous for future tenants. They can lease

one floor, one building or multiply the addresses within the site. Additional

buildings can even be built according to specific needs. Furthermore, with the

Broccolini and Magil Laurentian partnership, companies can benefit from a

turnkey solution from design to construction of the space.

    Unique Infrastructure

    The facilities are equipped with 100% redundant systems including Priority

1 power and fiber-optic cabling, potential for 100% fresh air distribution, two

25-kva lines, backup generators and more. The campus also comes with some

incredible amenities including A/V equipment, a 200-capacity auditorium,

furniture and work stations for "plug and play" leasing and a full service


    High Visibility Location: Along the TransCanada Highway

    The access to the TransCanada Highway is immediate and represents a real

advantage for any company. Quartier Evolution is located less than 15 minutes

from Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport and close to the West Island

bus terminal leading to the Cote Vertu Metro station. The Fairview Pointe

Claire shopping center, less than a kilometer away, anchors the retail

neighborhood and is the focal point for a complete range of restaurants, cafes,

fast food, day care facilities, services and retailers. Downtown Montreal is a

half-hour east and Ottawa 90 minutes west by car.

    For all these reasons, Quartier Evolution makes the ideal site for a head

office, a regional office, a life sciences or a medical facility, a data

center, a manufacturing facility or even a research facility.

    About Broccolini

    Founded 65 years ago, Broccolini is a leader in construction and real

estate services development. The company serves the residential, commercial,

and industrial markets in Quebec and Ontario. Broccolini has built its

reputation by establishing solid and long-lasting relationships with its

clients. The company puts pride, a commitment to excellence, and the unwavering

dedication of its staff into each project.

    About Magil Laurentian

    Magil Laurentian is a fully integrated asset and property management

company with office, industrial and residential expertise and properties. The

company has offices in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City. Magil Laurentian

thinks like enterprising owners and acts as professional managers. Magil

Laurentian is passionate about real estate!

    Image with caption: "Broccolini and Magil Laurentian announce the

acquisition of the former Merck Canada complex in Kirkland, Quebec. (CNW

Group/Broccolini)". Image available at:

    For further information:

    Quartier Evolution

    Roger Plamondon

    +1-514-737-0076 ext. 233


    Roger Plamondon

    +1-514-737-0076 ext. 233

    Magil Laurentian

    Gary Polachek

    +1-514-875-6010 ext. 4264

    SOURCE: Broccolini

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