Yahoo Launches "Yahoo Trend Coaster" to Physically Experience SNS Trend Waves

Yahoo! JAPAN

2014/9/25 14:15

TOKYO, Sept. 25 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Yahoo Japan Corporation

Yahoo Launches "Yahoo Trend Coaster" to Physically Experience SNS Trend Waves World's First Virtual Roller Coaster Moving in Tandem with SNS Postings

-  Oculus VR Headset and ELSACO Motion Simulator Combine for Immersive Roller Coaster Experience -

Yahoo Japan Corp. (Yahoo! JAPAN) has successfully developed "Yahoo Trend Coaster," the world's first (*1) virtual roller coaster simulator moving up and down in tandem with changing waves of the popularity of a keyword used in SNS postings. By taking the changing number of SNS postings containing a chosen keyword, shown in the form of a line graph in Real Time Search (*2) of Yahoo Search, and transforming it into a virtual 3D trending waveform, Yahoo Trend Coaster offers its rider the one-of-a-kind virtual experience going through the ups and downs of the trend. The rider, putting on an "Oculus Rift" head-mounted display for a 360-degree virtual reality, made by Oculus VR, Inc. of the U.S., and slipping into a "Motion-sim" driving simulator, by ELSACO Kolin, will be able to enjoy the feel of riding in a real-world roller coaster.

Yahoo! JAPAN has been promoting new forms of advertising focusing on its theme "Art & Technology." The company has announced the development of Yahoo Trend Coaster as the concept model offering the feel of the future of Internet advertising, one of the new forms promoted by Yahoo.  

Yahoo! JAPAN launched a new mini-site to coincide with the announcement, making available a special movie showing the world of Trend Coaster.  



-- How to enjoy Yahoo Trend Coaster

1. Before stepping into Yahoo Trend Coaster, voice your favorite keyword or any keyword of your choice into the system.

2. A trending 3D waveform generated from a keyword input will set the course of a roller coaster ride .

3. Put on a head-mounted display and slip into an action simulator which will move in tandem with the ups and downs of the generated ride.

(*1) Source: Yahoo! JAPAN

(*2) Real Time Search

You can check up on any latest trend, including sporting results, public opinions on what is going on in the world, and new product reviews, by searching Twitter and Facebook posts with a keyword.   




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