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【香港2014年10月14日PRN=共同通信JBN】エレクトロニクス・アクセサリー業界のパイオニアかつトレンドセッターのCapdaseは、携帯経験を見直しユーザーの暮らしを豊かにする「BlackBerry Passport」「iPhone 6」「iPhone 6 Plus」向けの新製品を発表した。Capdaseは市場にあふれる低品質・大量生産のバーゲン品とは大きく異なり、顧客の満足に結びつく厳しい品質管理とシームレスな生産ラインによって一線を画している。

▽BlackBerry Passport、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus向け新製品ラインアップ

ブラックベリー規格BFBプログラムのオフィシャルパートナーであるCapdaseは今回特に「The Sider Classic」(よこ開きブックタイプ)「Upper Classic」(たて開きフリップタイプ)の両シリーズを発売したが、これらはデザインのために機能を犠牲にすることなくユーザーがBlackBerry Passportをシームレスに使えるように作られている。

前評判の高かったiPhone 6およびiPhone 6 Plus向けコレクションは流行に敏感でカスタム化が極めて容易という機能を兼ね備え、新製品ラインアップとして「Mystery」「Chic」「Meteor」「Sider Slim」「Sider Eternity」「Xpose Plus」がある。これらは、ゴージャスかつ女性的なタッチで感覚的にも見た目にも画期的な経験をアクセサリーファンに提供している。




Capdaseはまた、Bruce Annis氏、Charles Wong氏という業界のベテラン2人を欧州・中東販売担当副社長、北米販売担当ディレクターにそれぞれ起用、世界の小売り、卸売業者との関係を緊密化し、エレクトロニクス・アクセサリーという競争の激しい社会でブランドのプレゼンスを高めようとしている。




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Capdase Turns a New Page in Electronics Accessories Industry


HONG KONG, Oct. 13, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

Capdase, a pioneer and trendsetter in the electronics accessory industry, is

unveiling its latest products for BlackBerry Passport, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6

Plus, which are bound to redefine the gadget experience and enhance users'

lives. A far cry from the low-quality, mass-produced bargains seen in the

market, Capdase sets itself apart with its stringent quality control and a

seamless production line that ultimately translates into customer satisfaction.

New Product Line-Up for BlackBerry Passport, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

As an official partner of the BFB (Built for BlackBerry) Program, Capdase has

especially launched The Sider Classic and Upper Classic Series that are made to

seamlessly connect users to their BlackBerry Passport without compromising

functionality over style.

Created with fashion-forward and highly customizable functionalities, the

highly-anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Collections feature the all-new

product lines Mystery, Chic, Meteor, Sider Slim, Sider Eternity and Xpose Plus,

offering gadget enthusiasts a revolutionary sensory and visual experience with

a strong touch of femininity and luxury.

The Mystery Series perfectly portrays elegance and grace in a new light. An

enchanting embossed back cover, along with a copper or pearl white pouch, adds

charm and uniqueness to your iPhones.

All Geared Up for International Expansion

With over ten years of history in the industry, Capdase is ramping up efforts

to strengthen its global presence. With its first flagship store in Indonesia

in sight, Capdase sets the bar high by officially entering the retail market

and providing customers with an unparalleled hands-on experience that allows us

to listen and respond to customer needs.

Capdase has also recruited two industry veterans Bruce Annis and Charles Wong

as our VP of Sales and Marketing in Europe and the Middle East, and Director of

Sales and Marketing in North America in a bid to forge closer ties with global

retailers and wholesalers and further reinforce the brand's presence in the

competitive landscape of electronics accessories.

About Capdase

Founded in 2003, Capdase came about with the original concept of creating a

"Case" for the "PDA", which were combined to form its name "CaPDAse". Now with

a presence in 57 countries, Capdase is known for delivering a wide range of

innovative solutions and its partnerships with the world's leading smartphone


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