ドイツの公共交通企業がビッグデータ対処のためにIBM Software Defined Storageを導入


2014/10/22 10:05

ドイツの公共交通企業がビッグデータ対処のためにIBM Software Defined Storageを導入

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*Stuttgarter StrassenbahnenがPower Systems、Flash、Software Defined Storageインフラストラクチャー・ソリューションを装備したIBM Cloudを使って、SAPパフォーマンスと顧客応答時間を向上させた

IBM(NYSE: IBM、http://www.ibm.com/investors )は21日、ドイツの大手公共輸送企業Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG(SSB)が業務アプリケーション・パフォーマンスと顧客応答時間を向上させるためにIBM Cloud、Software Defined Storage、Flashを採用したと発表した。

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そのため、SSBはインフラストラクチャーを全面的にオーバーホールするためにIBMを選択し、それには既存のIBM Power Systemの更新、IBM Software Defined Storage、Virtualization、Flashなどが含まれていた。

同社は増え続けるデータロードを一貫して管理し、可用性を向上させるためにIBM Power Systemを導入した。同社は人事および財務を含むSAP ERPアプリケーションを実行させるために、PowerVMが稼働するIBM Power Systemサーバーにプライベートクラウドも構築した。


IBM Systems & Technology GroupのStorage and Software Defined Systemsゼネラルマネジャーであるヤミー・トマス氏は「SSBのように、戦略ITインフラストラクチャーが業績にプラスの効果をもたらすことを実感する組織が増えている」と指摘した。

SSBのアプリケーションおよびその一連のオンラインサービスのデータレスポンス時間を早めるため、SSBはIBM FlashSystem 840を採用し、それをSSBの既存IBM SAN Volume Controllerストレージ仮想化ソフトウエアと一体化させた。Software Defined Flashとして知られるこの統合ソリューションによって、SSBは管理諸経費を最小限に抑えたうえで、安定したシステム稼働率と社内およびオンライン事業の変動に対処できる能力を達成した。


▽Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AGについて

Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG(SSB)はバーデンビュルテンベルク州の州都シュツットガルト市最大の輸送企業であり、2900人以上を雇用している。ウェブサイトはhttp://www.ssb-ag.de/


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German Public Transportation Co. Adopts IBM Software Defined Storage to Tackle Big Data


ARMONK, New York, Oct. 21, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

-- Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen improves SAP performance and customer response

times with IBM Cloud powered by Power Systems, Flash and Software Defined

Storage infrastructure solution

IBM (NYSE: IBM (http://www.ibm.com/investors )) today announced that

Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG (SSB), a leading German public transportation

company has turned to IBM Cloud, Software Defined Storage and Flash to improve

business application performance and customer response times.

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SSB, the principal public transportation organization in the City of Stuttgart,

operates a broad network of light rail and buses that serves more than 171

million passengers a year. The greater metropolitan area of the city has grown

to 5.3 million, causing SSB's data volumes to grow at 10 percent annually. As a

result, access to corporate data slowed, the performance of its extensive SAP

applications waned and the company's ability to meet service level agreements

and maintain its robust online customer services degraded.

"Our data challenges were affecting our business," said Roland Wagner, Team

leader for System Technology at SSB. "It was clear our IT issues were not

relegated to a single system or component, but the infrastructure. It was

simply not tuned for the volumes and expansion we were experiencing and


That's when SSB turned to IBM for a top-to-bottom infrastructure overhaul that

included the renewal of the preexisting IBM Power Systems, and adoption of IBM

Software Defined Storage, Virtualization and Flash.

The company deployed IBM Power Systems to help consistently manage the

ever-growing data loads and increase availability. It also established private

clouds on IBM Power Systems servers running PowerVM to run its SAP ERP

applications, including Human Resources and Financials.

SSB saw significant improvements in overall application performance. For

example, its Human Resources department was able to reduce wage-processing from

six hours to six minutes.

"Increasingly, organizations like SSB are realizing the positive impact that a

strategic IT infrastructure can make on business results," said Jamie Thomas,

General Manager, Storage and Software Defined Systems, IBM Systems & Technology


To speed data response times for both its SAP applications and its array of

online services, SSB adopted the IBM FlashSystem 840 and integrated it with

SSB's existing IBM SAN Volume Controller storage virtualization software. With

the integrated solution, known as Software Defined Flash, SSB achieved

consistent uptime and the ability to weather peaks and valleys in internal and

online business - all while keeping management overhead to a minimum.

"Our customers expect high availability around the clock and extremely quick

response times," said SSB's Wagner. "FlashSystem is so flexible that we can

promptly respond to changing performance requirements and, when needed,

dynamically accelerate the systems."

About Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG

Stuttgarter Strassenbahnen AG (SSB) is the largest transport company in the

capital city of Baden-Wurttemberg with more than 2,900 employees.



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