SECON 2015は韓国京畿道高陽市一山で2015年3月に開催

SECON 2015 Exhibition Bureau

2014/11/13 12:15

SECON 2015は韓国京畿道高陽市一山で2015年3月に開催

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2015年3月に開催されるSECON 2015(International Security Exhibition and Conference 2015: )に参加するため、アジア地域の大手セキュリティー企業が大挙して韓国を目指す。SECON 2015では世界的動向と技術が紹介される。


毎年開催されるSECONは未来創造科学省(MSIP)、安全行政省(MOSPA)、産業通商資源省(MOTIE)、京畿道議政府など中央政府、地方自治体が共催しており、SECON開催期間中の運営、さまざまなセミナー、会議の調整を担当している。簡単に言えばSECON 2015は情報交換のホットスポットであり、ナレッジの更新を鮮明にさせる場になる。


SECON 2015ではまた、MOSPAの市民苦情処理サービス、e-Government's Data Protection Systemおよび京畿道議政府が行うさまざまな情報・セキュリティー関連活動も注目される。

3日間のSECON 2015ではさらに「e-Government Information Security Solution Fair 2015」「e-Discovery Symposium」を含む大小のセミナー、会議が10前後開催され、見逃すことのできない催しのひとつになる。SECONとして今回初めてイベントのひとつとして「IoT Security Hall of Experience(IoTセキュリティー体験ホール)」が設けられることになっており、参加者はIoT関連のセキュリティー機器やツールを実際に手にすることができる。

新セキュリティー・イヤーの始まりを記念するSECON 2015はIoT、コンバージェンス、サイバースペース・セキュリティーが興隆し進化し続けるセキュリティーの地に向かいたいと考えるすべての人を歓迎する。

SECON 2015の事前登録は以下のサイトから。


Mr. Sydney Suk

SECON 2015 Exhibition Bureau

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SECON 2015 to be Held In March 2015 In Ilsan, Korea


SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 12, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

- Asia's Security Leaders will be gathered in One Place.

- From Physical Security to IT Security including IoT, boundaries will blur.

A large number of leading security companies in Asia will head to Korea in

March 2015 to attend SECON 2015 (International Security Exhibition and

Conference 2015:, where global trends and technologies are


Participating companies are to exhibit existing and new security technologies

from video security devices, entrance/exit control systems to biometric

authentication solutions. Personal information protection tools are also

covered, as well as anti-terrorism equipment, AI traffic safety systems and

IoT-related security solutions.

The annual feast is backed up by central and local government bodies such as

MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning), MOSPA (Ministry of

Security and Public Administration), MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and

Energy), the Gyeonggi-do Council and so on, both in terms of administration and

co-ordination of various seminars and conferences during the run of the event.

Simply put, SECON 2015 will be a hot spot for information exchange and a clear

path to up-to-date knowledge.

The trend-setting SECON in 2015 will also be crowded with 450 or so local and

international enterprises at over 900 booths who will be seeking opportunities

to advance into the socially expanding security market. Expected audience

numbers, calculated from growth patterns over past years, is 45,000.

Also, MOSPA's Civil Complaints Service, e-Government's Data Protection System

and various information and security-related activities run by the local

government of Gyeonggi-do are to be highlighted.

A total of 10 or so big and small conferences and seminars including

"e-Government Information Security Solution Fair 2015" and "e-Discovery

Symposium" are also an unmissable part of the 3-day event. For the first time

in the history of SECON, one of the events, "IoT Security Hall of Experience"

will be set up so that participants get to actually handle IoT-related security

devices and tools.

SECON 2015, which will mark the commencement of a new "Security Year", invites

all who would like to step ahead in the ever-evolving land of security where

IoT, convergence and cyberspace security are on the rise.

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Press Contact:

Mr. Sydney Suk

SECON 2015 Exhibition Bureau

Tel: +82-2-70-5031-5309


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