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中国の家電メーカー、ハイセンスグループ(Hisense Group)の周厚健会長は、同社創立45周年記念式典で「ハイセンスは顧客ロイヤルティー指標のひとつであるネットプロモータースコア(NPS=推奨者正味比率)に関して世界に通用するプレーヤーの地位を堅持するため、消費者の信頼感は向こう5年間で倍増する見込みである」と述べた。周会長はまた、ハイセンスの2014年売上高が1000億人民元(約160億米ドル)を超える見通しであることを明らかにした。周会長は財務データと会社の将来には焦点を当てる代わりに、人間の心理的境界を静かに乗り越える誠実さの重要性、カリスマ的品質について語った。信頼のおける関係は、誠実さと高潔性に基づく場合に限り人々の間に構築される。

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Hisense Chairman Zhou Jianhou Presents "The Distinctive Five-Year Development Plan"


QINGDAO, China, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

-- Zhou Jianhou: Hisense Plans to Lead in Terms of NPS

"Consumer confidence in Hisense is expected to double over the next five years

as the company is well positioned to keep up with world-class players in terms

of Net Promoter Score (NPS)," said Jianhou Zhou, Chairman of Chinese household

appliance maker Hisense Group, at the company's 45th anniversary celebration.

Zhou further elaborated that Hisense's sales revenue is expected to exceed 100

billion yuan (approx. US$16 billion) for 2014. Instead of focusing on financial

data and the company's future, Zhou talked about the importance of integrity,

the charismatic quality that quietly breaks down the psychological boundaries

between human beings. A reliable relationship can only be built among people on

the foundation of their honesty and uprightness.

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Hisense has regarded NPS as an operational indicator with similar importance to

financial data since the beginning of this year. In the eyes of Zhou, integrity

and reliability are core values and part of the mission of Hisense.

The proposition for Hisense is far from modern and may even seem a little

unusual; nevertheless reliability has become an important quality and will

become increasingly so in an era when a transaction completes in seconds with

just a few clicks. Consumers need to believe that what they have bought from

Hisense is the same high-quality product with the same value for their money as

what had been promised in the product information and that every commitment

Hisense makes to its customers will always be fulfilled. As a result,

reliability itself is the most efficient communication tool. Integrity is the

cornerstone of the market economy and the most fundamental element of an

outstanding company, given the role of the market mechanism. It not only opens

the door to more business opportunities and the availability of capital as well

as good financial results but also assures customer loyalty in addition to the

overall trust and support of the greater society. All of these go hand in hand

to help ensure the company's long-term financial results.    

Hisense believes it has won the trust of consumers and is well-positioned to

match the world's top companies in terms of NPS, resulting in an increase in

its revenue and profit.

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