第35回中国(広州)国際家具展が新たな装いで開幕 次回は9月に上海で開催


2015/3/20 14:35

第35回中国(広州)国際家具展が新たな装いで開幕 次回は9月に上海で開催

AsiaNet 59902 (0404)

【広州(中国)2015年3月19日PRN=共同通信JBN】第35回中国(広州)国際家具展(China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)、CIFF)は2015年3月18日、China Import & Export Fair Complexで開幕する。CIFFはこの業界における18年の歴史を基礎に新しいコンセプトと新しい装いで登場することになる。

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I. グローバルで統合されたインタラクティブな交易プラットフォームを構築


II. 情報交換を強化する強力なプラットフォーム

CIFFは、交易、ブランドプロモーション、ファッションディスプレー、業界の集まりにとって世界クラスの多機能プラットフォームになっている。CIFFは業界で評判が広まっており、良好な環境と体験に基づく意見交換のプラットフォームを提供している。第35回CIFFは引き続き、第7回Design in China(広州)、第6回Office Environment Theme Pavilion、Furniture Design Awards、Global Office Furniture Outlookなどのフォーラムと緊密に連携して展示会の統合を促進している。これらのフォーラムではさまざまなアングルやひらめいたアイデアなどから業界のホットな問題にアプローチし、情報交換の場としてプラットフォームを強化している。

III.  サービスの革新とサービスレベルの向上


IV. CIFF(広州/上海)は世界を元気づける

CIFFは長年にわたる発展と革新のおかげで、世界の家具業界における最高で最も価値ある展示会のひとつになった。2015年から9月のCIFF展示会は広州からNational Exhibition and Convention Center(上海、NECC)で開催されることになった。第36回CIFF(上海)は家具製造機器、原材料、完成製品、室内装飾を展示し、デザインから生産までの上流と下流を結びつけ、業界チェーンの全テーマをカバーする。CIFF(上海)は家具業界のため大規模で強力なプラットフォームを構築する。


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A New Look CIFF - The 35th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) is Opening


GUANGZHOU, China, Mar. 19, 2015 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

The 35th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) ("CIFF") opens at the

China Import & Export Fair Complex on March 18, 2015. CIFF will be presented

with new concepts and a new look based on 18 years of history in the industry.

Photo - http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20150319/0861502009

I. Work to build a global, integrated and interactive trading platform

Within its 680,000 square meters, CIFF will host brands from 32 countries and

regions. The exhibits will cover a range of themes including home furniture,

office furniture, hotel furniture, furniture for public spaces, outdoor

furniture, home decor & home textiles, furniture machinery & raw materials.

CIFF works with over 500 global professional media groups to invite

professional buyers. It is estimated more than 140,000 visitors from over 190

countries and regions will attend, creating unlimited opportunities.

II. A Powerful Platform to Strengthen Information Exchange.

CIFF has become a world-class multifunctional platform for trading, brand

promotion, fashion display and industry gathering. It enjoys a widespread

reputation in the industry and provides a platform for exchange based on its

good environment and experience. The 35th CIFF will continue to promote deep

integration of the exhibition with forums such as the 7th Design in China

(Guangzhou), the 6th Office Environment Theme Pavilion, Furniture Design Awards

and Global Office Furniture Outlook, which will approach the hot issues of the

industry from different angles, sparking ideas and further enriching the

platform for information exchange.

III. Innovate in Services and Improve Service Level

CIFF pays great attention to service detail and improving the level of service,

and can offer participants an extraordinary experience as the organizer is also

the owner of the convention complex. The 35th CIFF has further simplified the

admission badge application procedures and enriched its official website and

WeChat functions to facilitate exhibitors' applications and audience members'

pre-registration for admission. It also arranges shuttle buses from Baiyun

Airport to the complex and around the complex during the exhibition, providing

exhibitors and visitors with a comfortable, convenient and effective experience.

IV.  CIFF (Guangzhou/Shanghai) Will Inspire the World.

Thanks to years of development and innovation, CIFF has become one of the best

and most valuable exhibitions in the world furniture industry. Starting from

2015, the September session of CIFF will be transferred from Guangzhou to the

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) ("NECC"). The 36th CIFF

(Shanghai) will showcase furniture machinery, raw materials and finished

products and decors, connect upstream and downstream industries from design to

production and cover a range of themes in the whole industry chain. CIFF

(Shanghai) will build a large and powerful platform for the furniture industry.

A new normal brings a new mission that inspires new acts. Better in spring and

fresher in autumn. CIFF (Guangzhou/Shanghai) will do better, adding a new

chapter to the new starting points of history.

SOURCE  China International Furniture Fair