Truly Semiconductors limitedと Sunpartner Technologiesが戦略提携の調印を発表

Sunpartner Technologies

2015/5/11 11:53

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Truly Semiconductors limitedと Sunpartner Technologiesが


2015年5月8日 フランス・エクサンプロバンス

中国大手液晶メーカーで香港株式市場に上場しているTruly Semiconductors limited (以下、Truly)とソーラーNETs(新エネルギー技術)に特化したエンジニアリング企業で不可視太陽光発電フィルムWysips(R)を発明したSunpartner Technologies(以下Sunpartner)は、スマートウォッチ市場向けにWysips(R) Crystal技術を統合した太陽光発電ディスプレイの開発の提携合意に調印しました。

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Wysips(R) Crystalの技術はどのような表面でも外観を変えることなく太陽光・人光エネルギーから自己発電できるサーフェスに変化させる事が出来ます。Wysips(R) Crystalは光エネルギーを取り込むことで永続的なエネルギー供給を可能とするのです。


今後6か月で両社はLCDディスプレイにWysips(R) Crystal部品を統合すべく共同開発を行いそのプロトタイプをスマートウォッチメーカーに提案していきます。


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Truly Semiconductors and Sunpartner Technologies Develop First All-in-One LCD Display Modules With Wysips(R) Crystal Transparent Solar Layer Inside Sm


Truly Semiconductors and Sunpartner Technologies Develop First All-in-One LCD Display Modules With Wysips(R) Crystal Transparent Solar Layer Inside Smartwatches


     On May 5, 2015, Truly Semiconductors Limited (Truly), listed on the Hong

Kong stock exchange and the biggest small and medium size display module

manufacturer in China, and Sunpartner Technologies, inventor of the invisible

Wysips(R)photovoltaic film and specialist in solar NETs (New Energy

Technologies), signed a partnership to develop the first turnkey display

modules integrating Wysips(R) Crystal technology, for the smartwatch market and

other mobile electronics.

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    The year 2014 has been the year for wearable electronics and research

institutes estimate that the global wearable device market will grow to 100+

million units annually by 2020, with the smartwatch market alone expected to

reach US$ 30Bn at a CAGR of over 50% from 2014 to 2020. In an exponentially

growing and highly competitive market, energy reliability is a key challenge

for watch manufacturers-even more so for smartwatches because they consume a

lot of energy. Models that offer long-lasting and reliable power, with an

attractive design, will stand out from the crowd.

    Wysips(R) Crystal solar recharging technologies transform any surface into

a source of electricity using natural or artificial light without impacting

aesthetics-like a perpetual power reserve.

    Installed under the touchscreen panel during the manufacturing process, the

invisible photovoltaic component Wysips(R) Crystal helps prolong the battery

life of the watch-all while being design neutral. This means users can now

access essential features and applications like fitness tracking or companion

alerts even when the battery is fully discharged.

    In the next six months, Sunpartner Technologies and Truly are co-developing

and assembling LCD display modules with an embedded Wysips(R) Crystal layer

that will be presented and proposed to various watch manufacturers.

    Following this first market introduction, Truly and Sunpartner Technologies

will officially start full technology licensing discussions for mass volume

manufacturing of displays integrating Wysips(R) Crystal technology. The final

goal of this partnership is to transfer to Truly the rights to sell

display-integrating Wysips(R) Crystal technology into its products for the

booming smartwatch market.

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     SOURCE: Sunpartner Technologies