銀聯国際(UnionPay International)が2015年夏の海外休暇旅行傾向リポートを発表

銀聯国際(UnionPay International)

2015/6/25 15:42

銀聯国際(UnionPay International)が2015年夏の海外休暇旅行傾向リポートを発表

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【上海(中国)2015年6月24日新華社=共同通信JBN】銀聯国際(UnionPay International)は24日、「2015年夏の海外休暇旅行傾向リポート」(Report of 2015 Outbound Tourism Tendency of Summer Vacation)を発表し、中国人の海外旅行者は特徴として総数が増加し、買い物の頻度が増え、渡航先が分散化し、これまでより賢い買い物客になっていると明らかにした。

海外旅行の最近の傾向に合わせて銀聯国際は同時に、「夏の休暇は世界旅行」(Travelling the World in Summer Vacation)というキャンペーンを開始した。香港、台湾、韓国、日本、シンガポール、米国、イタリア、オーストラリアの8カ国・地域の100店以上の加盟店でUnionPay(銀聯)カードを使うと、最大50%の割引が受けられる。キャンペーン期間は6月24日から7月31日まで。




詳しい情報はhttp://www.unionpayintl.com/ を参照。

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UnionPay International Issues Report of 2015 Outbound Tourism Tendency of Summer Vacation


SHANGHAI, China, June 24, 2015 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--

UnionPay International issued the Report of 2015 Outbound Tourism Tendency of
Summer Vacation on June 24, which indicates that the outbound Chinese tourists
is characterized with larger gross scale, higher transaction frequency, more
scattered destinations and more rational purchase.

Regards to the latest tendency of outbound tourism, UnionPay International
launched the preferential program, Travelling the World in Summer Vacation, on
the same day, which offers the exclusive privilege up to 50% of UnionPay cards
by over 100 merchants in 8 tourist destinations from now until July 31, namely
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, America, Italy and Australia.

The Report declared that China has become the second largest tourist export
country in the world. The outbound tourism favored by the Chinese visitors is
short-range destinations, among which Hong Kong and Macao are the top two
respectively. Asia ranks to be the first one among all continental markets,
while Europe ranks second to Asia. In the meantime, the outbound tourism
favored by the Chinese visitors has witnessed such shifting as from group
travel to independent travel, from offline stores to the online reservation,
from chain hotels to customized and service apartment as well as such changes
of tending to selecting international airline companies. In addition, the
Chinese tourists increasingly like the experience the local history, culture
and art.

Based on the data issued by the China National Tourism Administration, the
purchase of outbound tourism in 2014 reached 115 billion USD (about 724.5
billion RMB), with year-on-year growth of over 20%. At present, UnionPay cards
have become the preferred payment brand of outbound Chinese tourists. Besides,
the growth of total transactions via UnionPay cards overseas far surpasses that
of transaction amount, which indicates the cardholders use UnionPay cards more
frequently. Simultaneously, the purchase of outbound tourism is changing from
the traditional shopping-orientation to the combination of shopping and
leisure. More and more visitors prefer to purchase in daily bazaars,
supermarkets and local flavor snack shops, etc.

Now UnionPay cards are accepted in over 150 countries and regions, covering
almost all places frequently visited by the Chinese tourists. It is available
for cardholders to use UnionPay cards in shopping centers, brand stores and
hotels, and apply UnionPay cards for such daily purchase as shopping in
supermarkets, catering, cultural leisure and taxis. Correspondingly, those
merchants provide a lot of exclusive privileges for UnionPay cardholders.

For more information: http://www.unionpayintl.com/

SOURCE: UnionPay International