New Cinema Kabuki "Sannin Kichisa" to Be Released with English Subtitles at 5 Theaters Nationwide


TOKYO, Jun 30 --

Shochiku Co.

New Cinema Kabuki "Sannin Kichisa" to Be Released with English Subtitles at 5 Theaters Nationwide in July

Shochiku Co.'s "Cinema Kabuki" series presents its latest addition -- "Sannin Kichisa" (Three Thieves Named Kichisa) -- for screening with English subtitles at five theaters nationwide on July 5-6. The work is the 22nd in the series, which features filmed live kabuki performances to be enjoyed by audiences at movie theaters.

The play "Sannin Kichisa" was performed to a full house in June 2014 as one of the "Cocoon Kabuki" programs at Theater Cocoon in Tokyo's Shibuya district by rising kabuki stars Nakamura Kankuro, Nakamura Shichinosuke and Onoe Matsuya, along with virtuoso actors from across different genres such as veteran screen actor Takashi Sasano.

*Kabuki actors' names come in a family name, given name format.

Serving as the film's director himself, the play's stage and artistic director Kazuyoshi Kushida presents the "Sannin Kichisa" drama not simply as a movie edition but a brand-new cinema production by including footage of the live stage performance taken from camera angles not normally visible from kabuki audience seating.

The premier of the English-subtitled version of this work was presented at this year's Sibiu International Theatre Festival, one of Europe's three major theater festivals, where Kushida was awarded the Sibiu Walk of Fame for his long years of contribution to performing arts.

At the festival, an enthusiastic local audience watched their first "kabuki on film" intently, with many also contributing various questions at a teach-in event prior to the screening. To commemorate this success, Shochiku has decided for this subtitled work to be screened at five locations in Japan as well. It will be the first time for a first-run "Cinema Kabuki" production to be released with English subtitles on such a scale.

With this, even audiences who do not understand Japanese can fully enjoy kabuki at movie theaters in their neighborhoods for a reasonable price. We look forward to your introduction of this event.

Information on screenings of English-subtitled version

Dates: July 5 (Sun), July 6 (Mon)


  Sapporo Cinema Frontier (Sapporo) 011-209-5400

  Shinjuku Piccadilly (Tokyo) 03-5367-1144

  Midland Square Cinema (Nagoya) 052-527-8808

  Namba Parks Cinema (Osaka) 06-6643-3215

  Fukuoka Nakasu Taiyo (Fukuoka) 092-291-4058

*Screening hours differ according to the theaters. Please check their websites for further information.

About "Cinema Kabuki"

Shochiku Co., which produces and manages kabuki performances, presents the "Cinema Kabuki" series by filming live kabuki plays for screening at movie theaters. With detailed attention given to achieving the highest "aesthetic quality" and a "sense of realism" in the programs, the audience can enjoy the works as if they were actually watching a live kabuki drama at the playhouse. Furthermore, "Cinema Kabuki" makes it possible for audiences to enjoy kabuki at more affordable prices at movie theaters around the country.

New Cinema Kabuki "Sannin Kichisa"

Cast: Nakamura Kankuro, Nakamura Shichinosuke, Onoe Matsuya,

Kataoka Kamezo, Bando Shingo, Nakamura Tsurumatsu, Keiji Manako, Hiroshi Omori, Yoshi Oida, Takashi Sasano

Director: Kazuyoshi Kushida

Stage: Theater Cocoon, June 2014

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Production & Distribution: Shochiku Co.

Source: Shochiku Co.






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