Shochiku's Brand New Kabuki Show in Las Vegas to Be Broadcast Worldwide


TOKYO, Sept.14/Kyodo JBN/--

Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Shochiku's Brand New Kabuki Show in Las Vegas to Be Broadcast Worldwide

In mid-August last month, Shochiku Co., Ltd. ( premiered Kabuki in Las Vegas for the first time with a collaboration of MGM Resorts International. The show was entitled "Panasonic presents KABUKI Spectacle at Fountains of Bellagio" and Kabuki masterpiece Koi-Tsukami, or "Fight with a Carp" was performed to high acclaim starring renowned Kabuki actor Ichikawa Somegoro.

"Kabuki in Las Vegas!" a 45-minute English language special program which features a live recording of the performance and its back-stage footage is to be broadcast by NHK WORLD TV on Oct. 9. Furthermore, TV Japan and NHK WORLD PREMIUM will broadcast Japanese language programs of the live recording show and the back-stage documentary show focusing on the lead actor Ichikawa Somegoro in September and October.

It is first time that a live recording show of Kabuki performance and Kabuki featured show are to be broadcast worldwide. Do not miss this opportunity to watch Kabuki, a traditional art representing Japan, and enjoy the spectacular show featuring Kabuki collaboration with cutting-edge technology.

Panasonic presents KABUKI Spectacle at Fountains of Bellagio / Koi-Tsukami "Fight with a Carp"- A new Kabuki performance, a collaboration of Kabuki with the Fountains of Bellagio and water-screen video projections in a never-before-seen scale. The performance was held 5 times during Aug. 14-16, produced by Shochiku, world's only Kabuki promoter.

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TV Broadcast Schedule

1. Back-stage documentary "Ichikawa Somegoro: KABUKI in Las Vegas!"

- TV JAPAN (North America): Sept. 26 (SAT) 7PM PDT

- NHK WORLD PREMIUM (Asia, Pacific & Latin America): TBD

- JSTV (Europe): TBD

2. Live recording of onstage performance "Ichikawa Somegoro's Fight with a Carp in Las Vegas"

- TV Japan (North America): Early October (TBD)

- NHK WORLD PREMIUM (Asia, Pacific & Latin America): Oct. 3 (SAT) 3AM JST

- JSTV (Europe): Early October (TBD)

3. "Kabuki in Las Vegas!" English broadcast of both onstage performance and back-stage documentary

- NHK WORLD TV (Worldwide):  Oct. 9 (FRI) 11:10 PM GMT

For more details:

NHK WORLD website:

TV Japan website:

Source: Shochiku Co., Ltd.






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