K-Safety Expo 2015が11月にKINTEXで開催される


2015/7/21 10:25

K-Safety Expo 2015が11月にKINTEXで開催される

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【ソウル2015年7月20日PRN=共同通信JBN】韓国の新たな政府機関、国民安全庁(MPSS)は、関係企業や団体が一層発展できる成功した安全エコシステムを構築する試みとして、11月26-28日に韓国International Exhibition Center(KINTEX)で韓国International Safety & Security Expo 2015(K-Safety Expo 2015)を開催する予定だ。




G2B、B2Bの広範囲のサービスで、K-Safety Expo 2015は疑いなく、安全・警備業界の企業に成熟した市場と最上の事業機会を提供する。


K-Safety Expo 2015への参加に関心があれば、ウェブサイトwww.k-safetyexpo.com を閲覧するか、電子メールksafetyexpo@kintex.com でK-Safety Expo 2015 Secretariat(KINTEX)に問い合わせを。


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K-Safety Expo 2015 to be Held at KINTEX in November 2015


SEOUL, South Korea, July 20, 2015 /PRN=KYODO JBN/ --

The Ministry of Public Safety and Security (MPSS), a newly established

governmental body of the Republic of Korea, is scheduled to hold the Korea

International Safety & Security Expo 2015 (K-Safety Expo 2015) at the Korea

International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) from 26-28 November in an attempt to

build a successful safety eco-system in which related corporations and

organizations can thrive further.

With the firm and resolute slogan "Safe Country, Happy People", this new and

comprehensive exhibition mainly aims to improve the national awareness of

safety, as well as to foster the safety and security industries.  

More than 300 related companies will fill the exhibition hall of approximately

22,000 sqm with diverse safety and security items. The exhibition comprises

several sub-sectors such as the industry zone, the living zone, the new-tech

zone, and the employment zone.

What distinguishes this trade show from many other safety or security events is

that this event has been actively driven by the Korean government since the

official announcement of the show. Figures reflecting the scale of governmental

investment in the safety industry proves that participation of related

corporations is a rational decision. The Korean government made a bold decision

to increase the investment in safety and security to USD1.9 billion, a 29.3%

rise compared to the previous year. In addition, this event is sure to make all

the government officials and employees in related public organizations assemble

in one place.

With comprehensive G2B and B2B services, K-Safety Expo 2015 will undoubtedly

offer a mature marketplace and superb business opportunity for companies in the

safety and security industry.

Various unit events, including disaster-relief demonstration using drones and

fire fighting robots, are fully ready to provide a firm springboard for related

companies. In addition, academic seminars and conferences on safety law and

future safety development will be held to encourage a more business-friendly

environment for the safety and security industry.  

If you are one of those who is interested in participating in the K-Safety Expo

2015, please visit www.k-safetyexpo.com or contact K-Safety Expo 2015

Secretariat (KINTEX) at ksafetyexpo@kintex.com.

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