Tokyo Branding Project: Aiming to Make Tokyo World's No. 1 Tourist Destination


2015/10/15 15:00

TOKYO, Oct. 15, 2015 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Launch of "Tokyo Brand Promotion Campaign"

Tokyo Branding Project:
Aiming to Make Tokyo World's No. 1 Tourist Destination

- "Tokyo Brand Promotion Campaign" Launched -

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is making efforts to establish a new Tokyo brand that will help build a stronger impression of Tokyo as a tourist destination ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics and beyond.

Tokyo Brand website:
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To this end, we are launching the Tokyo Brand Promotion Campaign, a new initiative to promote the Tokyo brand. The campaign will center on "& TOKYO," a new logo and slogan that embodies the concept of the city. The logo will gain exposure through various opportunities, both in Japan and overseas, thereby spreading the Tokyo brand far and wide.

"& TOKYO" is based on the brand identity "A city that promises all kinds of fun by constantly generating new styles while bringing tradition and innovation together," formulated this March as part of Tokyo's branding strategy. It seeks to disseminate the underlying message to the world that Tokyo is a city where a variety of people, things and events create new kinds of enjoyment by forming new values and connections.

Various words or corporate logos can be inserted before the "&." Therefore, the logo can be used widely by Tokyo residents, private businesses, and foreign tourists as a tool for conveying Tokyo's value and appeal to the world.

From here on, we hope that more Tokyo residents and private businesses will participate in the Tokyo Brand Promotion Campaign, coming together as one to promote the city's diverse values, as well as its fun-filled days packed with new discoveries and experiences that can only be had here. Through this, we will ultimately aim to create even more fans of Tokyo all over the world.

-- Examples of PR tools (stills/videos) featuring the "& TOKYO" logo and slogan can be seen on the Tokyo Brand website and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website, and via the URL below. Tokyo Brand website:

Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
           Launch of "Tokyo Brand Promotion Campaign"






& TOKYO Logo Unique

& TOKYO Logo Excellent

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& TOKYO Logo Delight

& TOKYO Logo Comfort

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Poster International Unique

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Poster International Exciting

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