"The Kyushu Advantage" Website to Be Launched to Introduce Japan's Attractions from Kyushu Region

The Kyushu Advantage

2015/10/14 17:00

FUKUOKA, Japan, Oct. 14, 2015 /Kyodo JBN/ --

The Kyushu Advantage/ Zipangu Japan Co., Ltd.

"The Kyushu Advantage" Website to Be Launched to Introduce

Japan's Attractions from Kyushu Region

Zipangu Japan Co., Ltd., announced on October 14 that it opened on September 29 the international version of "The Kyushu Advantage" ( http://thekyushuadvantage.jp ), a website introducing Japan's attractions to the world through the Kyushu region that serves as a gateway to Asia. Videos, photos, text and maps featuring stories on local manufacturing technologies, companies and business executives will be posted on the website so that people all over the world can find such attractions in Kyushu, Japan's southernmost main island.

The following local companies including breweries will be featured in the upcoming version:

* Soap maker Shabondama has been producing gentle, eco-friendly soaps and detergents for four decades. http://thekyushuadvantage.jp/column/detail02/

* Japan's leading taxi company Daiichi Koutsu is diversifying its operations, but customer service remains at the core of all its business activities. http://thekyushuadvantage.jp/column/detail03/

* NNR is now entering a new phase of its overseas expansion.


* Canycom has adopted a highly distinctive approach to business.


* 3 Kyushu "shochu" spirit distilleries

- Kyoya Shuzo: Tradition meets ambition in one of Kyushu's oldest shochu distilleries.


- The unique strategy of Masahiro Yamashita, President of Taikai Shuhan.


- Mugi shochu (spirit distilled from barley) from Fukuoka to the world -- Motohiko Yoshida, CEO, Nishiyoshida Shuzo. http://thekyushuadvantage.jp/column/detail08/

* Quality and maintenance -- Toshifumi Ide, President, Marine Hydrotech http://thekyushuadvantage.jp/column/detail09/

(Overview of this website)

This website comprises "KYUSHU PROFILES" that introduces local companies manufacturing unique local products; "ESEPICURE BLOG" (http://zipangu-jp.xsrv.jp/epicure/ )that describes Kyushu's culture, tradition, history and climate behind local manufacturing from the viewpoint of local residents; "MENU KYUSH" ( http://zipangu-jp.xsrv.jp/menu/category/english/ ) that introduces restaurants where visitors can enjoy local cuisine; and "SHOP KYUSHU" that will be launched at the end of October 2015. Zipangu Japan will gradually increase the website's content and provide useful information to people all over the world. The company will also distribute articles on Kyushu to the media and assist reporters and photographers in gathering information in Kyushu to encourage media all over the world to dispatch information on the region.






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