銀聯国際(UnionPay International)が特典プログラム「世界の厳選観光地40」始動

銀聯国際(UnionPay International)

2015/11/26 15:51

銀聯国際(UnionPay International)が特典プログラム「世界の厳選観光地40」始動

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【上海(中国)2015年11月26日新華社=共同通信JBN】銀聯国際(UnionPay International)は11月25日、「40 Selected Tourist Destinations Worldwide(世界の厳選観光地40)」を立ち上げたと発表した。これから2016年2月29日まで、世界のUnionPay(銀聯)カード(62で始まるカードナンバー)の持ち主は、世界の300を超える加盟店の最大15%割引などさまざまな特典を享受できる。このプログラムは、ショッピングモールやレストランなど従来の加盟店だけでなく、航空チケット、ホテル予約、公共交通、特別エンターテインメントの特典も盛り込み、旅行中のカード保有者の支払い体験を包括的に向上させる。

銀聯国際(UnionPay International)が発表した報告によると、中国観光研究所(CTA)は2015年の中国人海外旅行者の消費支出が1兆1000億元に達し、今後も着実に増加し続けるとみている。観光客の海外消費は、より妥当かつ多様なものになっている。ショッピングはいまも中国人観光客の海外支出の最大部分を占め、宿泊費、交通費がこれに続いている。エンターテインメント、ケータリング、アトラクションチケットの支出比率は年々増大している。中国人観光客が最も多く購入する商品として、生活必需品が徐々に高級品に取って代わりつつあり、地方のレジャー、エンターテインメント・プログラムへの支出は伸び続けている。



現在、UnionPay(銀聯)の海外加盟店ネットワークは150カ国・地域に拡大し、観光客がよく訪れる観光地をカバーしている。銀聯国際(UnionPay International)は絶え間ないカードの利用範囲拡大に加えて、カード利用によるオファーと特典のグローバルシステムを豊かにすることも努力している。銀聯国際(UnionPay International)は毎年、一連の特典プログラムに着手して空港免税店、主要ビジネス街、観光地をカバーし、世界のカード保持者に豊かで最適化されたカード利用体験を提供している。

詳しい情報はhttp://www.unionpayintl.com/ を参照。

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UnionPay International Initiates "40 Selected Tourist Destinations Worldwide" Preferential Program


SHANGHAI, China, Nov. 26, 2015 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--

UnionPay International announces on November 25 that it now initiates "40

Selected Tourist Destinations Worldwide" Preferential Program. From now to Feb.

29, 2016, global UnionPay cardholders (card number starting with 62) can enjoy

various privileges with discount up to 15% at over 300 merchants worldwide.

This program offers special offers not only at traditional merchants like

shopping malls and restaurants, but also for airline tickets and hotel room

booking, public transportation, and featured entertainment, thus it can

comprehensively improve cardholders' payment experience during travels.

According to a report issued by UnionPay International, China Tourism Academy

expects that the consumer spending of Chinese outbound tourists in 2015 will

reach 1.1 trillion yuan and will continue to increase stably in the future.

Tourists' consumption overseas becomes more reasonable and diversified.

Shopping still accounts for the largest part of Chinese tourists' spending

abroad, followed by accommodation and transportation. The proportions took by

entertainment, catering and attractions tickets spending are increasing year by

year. Daily necessities are gradually taking the place of luxury goods to be

the goods most purchased by Chinese tourists, while spending in the local

leisure and entertainment programs keeps increasing.

The report also introduces other new trends in global tourists' traveling:

larger scale, higher frequency, and more diversified destinations.

Additionally, in markets where UnionPay cards are issued in large scale, such

as Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan, the local people also use UnionPay cards

frequently in their travels to enjoy exclusive offers and privileges.

This program has two distinct features. First, it covers more tourist

destinations. Besides traditional destinations, destinations newly favored by

tourists such as Angkor, Boracay Island, Bintan Island, Sri Lanka, and

Seychelles are also included in this program, meeting cardholders' diversified

traveling demands. Second, the participating merchants are more diversified.

Apart from stores, hotels and restaurants, featured merchants such as Spas,

chateaus, diving programs, golf courses, teahouses, museums and theme parks are

also included.

Currently, UnionPay overseas acceptance network has expanded to over 150

countries and regions, covering the tourist destinations frequently visited by

tourists. In addition to unremittingly enlarging the scope of card-usage,

UnionPay International is also dedicated to enriching its global system of

card-using offers and privileges. Each year, UnionPay International launches a

series of preferential programs covering airport duty-free shops, major

business areas, and tourist destinations, offering rich and optimized

card-using experiences to its global cardholders.

For more information: http://www.unionpayintl.com/

SOURCE: UnionPay International