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2016/2/9 11:50


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【ウプサラ(スウェーデン)2016年2月8日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB(ナスダック: OASM)は8日、同社リード抗がん剤Apealea(Paclicalとしても知られる)について欧州医薬品庁(EMA)に市販承認申請(MAA)を提出したと発表した。

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Oasmia Pharmaceutical ABのユリアン・アレクソフ取締役会長は「このプロジェクトに参加したすべての人々の長年の大きな努力が実って、われわれはついに欧州の規制当局にApealeaの市販承認を申請したことを発表できて、大いに満足している。Apealeaは承認が得られれば、EUでは現在年間50億ユーロ余りに相当する細胞増殖抑制剤の市場にシェアを持つことができると考えている」と語った。

子宮がんの標準的治療薬は、カルボプラチンと組み合わせるタキソール(R)である。タキソールはクレモフォールEL(ポリエトキシ化ひまし油)とエタノールに溶融したパクリタキセル混合製剤である。生命を脅かすクレモフォールELに対する急性過敏性反応を回避するため、タキソールによる治療は、十分な準備投薬とともに時間をかけた注入時間を必要とする。Oasmia Pharmaceuticalによる重要な第III相試験の結果、Apealeaはタキソールによる治療と比較して、リスクベネフィット特性を示した。それは準備投薬を必要とせず、注入時間は1時間であり、神経障害を起こすリスク軽減の可能性が高まる。

今回の市販承認申請は、16カ国で実施された卵巣上皮がんに対するApealea療法の第III相試験の結果に基づいている。789人の治験者からなる第III相試験の主要目的は、双方ともカルボプラチンとの組み合わせでApealea(250 mg/m2)とタキソール(175 mg/m2)との非劣性試験を明らかにすることだった。



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Oasmia Has Submitted a Marketing Authorization Application to the European Medicines Agency for Its Lead Cancer Product Apealea(R) (Paclical(R))


UPPSALA, Sweden, Feb 8. 2016/PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

    Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB (NASDAQ: OASM) today announced the submission of a

marketing authorization application (MAA) to the European Medicines Agency

(EMA) for its lead cancer product Apealea (also known as Paclical).

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    Apealea is a novel formulation of paclitaxel based on the patented

excipient platform XR-17, which forms micellar nanoparticles with paclitaxel.

The indication sought for Apealea is treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer in

combination with carboplatin.

    "After many years of significant efforts by everyone involved in this

project, it is with great satisfaction that we are finally able to announce the

regulatory filing of an application for marketing authorization of Apealea in

the EU. Apealea, once approved, we believe would be able to take a share of the

market for cytostatics in EU, which currently amounts to more than five billion

Euros annually," says Julian Aleksov, Executive Chairman of the Board of Oasmia

Pharmaceutical AB.

    Standard treatment of ovarian cancer is Taxol(R) in combination with

carboplatin. Taxol is a combination formulation of paclitaxel in Cremophor EL

(polyethoxylated castor oil) and ethanol. In order to avoid life threatening

acute hypersensitivity reactions to Cremophor EL, treatment with Taxol requires

extensive pre-medication as well as a long infusion time. In results from

Oasmia's pivotal Phase III study, Apealea showed a positive risk/benefit

profile compared to treatment with Taxol, i.e.; no need for pre-medication, the

infusion time is one hour and possibly a reduced risk of experiencing


    This marketing authorization application is based on results from a Phase

III study with Apealea on epithelial ovarian cancer conducted in 16 countries.

The primary objective of the Phase III clinical study, which consisted of an

aggregate of 789 patients, was to show non-inferiority of Apealea (250 mg/m2)

versus Taxol (175 mg/m2), both in combination with carboplatin.

    The product has been approved in the Russian Federation since April 2015

and successfully launched by Oasmia's partner Pharmasyntez.

    The two leading paclitaxel-based products on the market are Taxol and

Abraxane. Taxol generated $1.6 billion in sales in 2000 alone, prior to losing

its patent protection in 2001. In 2013, Taxol generated $92 million in

post-patent sales. Abraxane generated $759 million in worldwide annual sales in

2013 and $979 million in 2014.

    For more information, visit http://www.oasmia.com or e-mail press@oasmia.com

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