Yokohama to Unveil Series of Videos to Attract Foreign Tourists


2016/3/30 14:00

YOKOHAMA, Japan, Mar. 30, 2016 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau

Yokohama to Unveil Series of Videos to Attract Foreign Tourists

The Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau (YCVB), which is very active in boosting the number of foreign tourists to their city, has recently produced a set of four videos to draw attention to the city as a major tourist destination and heighten awareness about its attractions.

The new fast-paced and topical videos are designed to encourage foreigners to visit Yokohama. American Matthew Gammon, a resident of Yokohama and Art Director of the multimedia company, Bright Wave Media, produced the videos for the city.

The videos will be posted on YouTube and the YCVB's website for use as a promotional tool at tourism fairs and international conferences abroad.

Producer's Statement

"Yokohama stands out as a world-class city that is full of vibrant communities, history, and sights. I think these videos will provide potential visitors with a small slice of what makes Yokohama an enjoyable and beautiful city, and hope they will encourage a fresh new generation of people to visit our city."

The videos showcase Yokohama's fascinations in the areas of sightseeing, music, food, and art & culture.

"Welcome to Yokohama" (Sightseeing)

From the glittering futuristic skyline and amusement areas of Minatomirai to Japan's largest Chinatown, Yokohama serves as an exciting, eye-catching, multicultural tourist destination.

"Feel the Pulse of Yokohama" (Music)

Having led the way by being the first area in Japan to establish a predominant jazz scene, Yokohama has taken influence from blues and other Western musical styles as well.

"A Taste of Yokohama" (Food)

Yokohama stands out as a city of endless culinary exploration, ranging from local ramen stalls to high-end fusion restaurants.

"Yokohama's Art: Blending Tradition & Culture" (Art & Culture)

Having been the port city at the epicenter of Japan's opening up to the West, Yokohama still holds onto that unique position of being able to fuse a variety of cultural influences while keeping an eye on the ever-changing and playful landscape of modern art and expression.

The videos: Each video lasts roughly 2 minutes without narration, is in full HD resolution, and includes English subtitles.

You can watch the videos by visiting

Official website: Yokohama Visitors Guide:


Source: Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau



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