CITE 2016、VR製品やドローン、電気コンセプトカーを展示

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2016/4/8 15:12

CITE 2016、VR製品やドローン、電気コンセプトカーを展示

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【深セン(中国)2016年4月7日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】第4回China Information Technology Expo 2016(CITE 2016、2016年中国電子情報博覧会)が深センのShenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(深セン会展中心)で2016年4月8日から4月10日まで開かれる。1700社以上が出展するこの国際展示会は、新世代の情報技術開発と起業家精神をテーマとし、電子情報の全ての産業チェーンを紹介する。

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最も期待される製品の1つが、米カリフォルニア州の新エネルギー自動車会社Faraday Futureが出展する初の電気コンセプトカー。UAV(無人航空機、ドローン)の分野では、業界をリードするDJI、Flypro、AEEが出そろい、それぞれ最新の製品をビジターに詳しく体験してもらう。




そのほか、CITE 2016は専門家、起業家、政府高官を集め、さまざまな製品を発表し、産業セミナー、フォーラムを開催する。


アジア最大の電子情報国際展示会のCITE(China Information Technology Expo)は中国工業情報技術省(MIIT)と深セン市政府が主催する。




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VR Equipment, UAVs and Faraday's Electric Concept Car to Appear at China Information Technology Expo 2016


SHENZHEN, China, Apr. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The 4th China Information Technology Expo 2016 (CITE 2016) will be held from

April 8 to April 10, 2016 in Shenzhen at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition

Center. Featuring more than 1,700 exhibitors, the Expo will cover topics in the

new generation of information technology development and entrepreneurship,

showcasing the whole industry chain of electronic information.

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One of the most anticipated products is the first electric concept car from

Faraday Future, the new energy automobile company based in California, while in

the UAV sector, market leaders DJI, Flypro and AEE will all be offering

visitors more in-depth experience of their latest releases.

Other highlights of the exhibition include virtual reality (VR), augmented

reality (AR), intelligent home appliances, lithium batteries and new energy

vehicles. Furthermore, the exhibition will hold a key discussion on promoting

the development of artificial intelligence robots.

Alibaba, Aispeech, LeTV, TCL, Hisense, Tencent and Baidu are just a few of the

household names on the list of attendees, all of whom will exhibit their latest

products and technologies in areas including IoT (Internet of Things), cloud

computing, flat panel displays, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent home


"CITE is a leading authority in China's electronic information industry," said

Mr. Chen Wenhai, the secretary general of the CITE organizing committee. "It

aims to promote innovative products and technologies and develop a platform for

display and communication from which we can connect China's electronic

information industry to the world and stimulate more business opportunities."

In addition, CITE 2016 will also hold a series of product launches, industry

seminars and forums, bringing experts, entrepreneurs and government officials


About CITE

As Asia's largest electronic information exhibition, CITE (China Information

Technology Expo) is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information

Technology (MITT) of China and the Municipal Government of Shenzhen.

The expo this year will cover topics such as: Internet of Things and

information security; flat panel displays including LED and touchscreen;

intelligent manufacturing and 3D printing; industrial robots and intelligent

systems; intelligent hardware; new energy such as lithium batteries and new

energy cars, and electronic components.

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Jennifer Zhou


Phone: 86-10-5166 2329 ext. 37

CITE Organizing Committee/China Electronic Appliance Corp.

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