CITE 2016で3000を超える画期的技術が公開される

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2016/4/20 17:39

CITE 2016で3000を超える画期的技術が公開される

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【深セン(中国)2016年4月20日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】


China Information Technology Expo 2016(CITE 2016、2016年中国電子情報博覧会)は中国の深センで先週、3日間にわたり最先端技術を大々的に展示して正式に閉幕した。この博覧会はインテリジェントリビング、バーチャルリアリティー(VR)機器などの技術トレンドに脚光を当て、将来の業界に関する予測を提供した。


最新技術の中でも、バーチャルリアリティーおよびオーグメンティッドリアリティー(AR)技術の新興企業VRGateが最新ヘッドセット「Rainbow Stone」をリリースしたことから、VRが注目された。新製品は正真正銘のVR体験を保証する110度の完全イマーシブ視界を備えている。


共催した中国工業情報技術省(MIIT)は、2020年までに国家創造製造センターを15カ所設置すると表明した。また、CITE 2016に展示されたすべての技術が旧来の事業パターンや経営モデルを抜本的に変えると予言した。




アジア最大の電子情報国際展示会のCITE(China Information Technology Expo)は中国工業情報技術省(MIIT)と深セン市政府が主催する。


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CITE 2016 Sees Launch of Over 3,000 Breakthrough Technologies


SHENZHEN, China, Apr. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to build 15 national

creative manufacturing centers by 2020-

After a three-day splash of cutting-edge technology, the 2016 China Information

Technology Expo (CITE) officially closed last week in Shenzhen, China. The Expo

highlighted the trends of intelligent living, virtual reality (VR) equipment

and other technologies, and offered predictions for the future of the industry.

The expo this year attracted more than 1,700 leading companies across an area

of over 1 million square feet. Over 100 workshops covering 40 topics were held,

and more than 3,000 key products made their debuts.

Among all the latest technologies, VR attracted significant attention with

virtual and augmented reality (AR) tech start-up VRGate releasing their latest

headset 'Rainbow Stone', which is equipped with a 110-degree fully immersive

field angle to ensure a pure VR experience.

Commenting on the launch, the company's Chairman Tian Xiaoyu said; "2016 is

widely acknowledged as the year VR will take off, and as an emerging industry,

companies will provide users with a better experience based on their past

services for business clients."

As one of the main organizers, China's Ministry of Industry and Information

Technology (MIIT) has pledged to establish 15 national creative manufacturing

centers by 2020. It also predicts that all the technologies shown during CITE

2016 will fundamentally change the traditional business patterns and management


"The electronic information technology industry is still booming," said Huai

Jinpeng, vice minister of MIIT. "It is not only innovating and integrating

within itself, but also creating value and crossover with other industries

including manufacturing, energy, materials and biotechnology. This will be an

important area for the new round of technological and industrial revolution."

The MIIT also recently released the White paper of VR industry development,

analyzing the status quo, key growth obstacles and possible applications of

virtual reality.

About CITE

As Asia's largest electronic information exhibition, CITE (China Information

Technology Expo) is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information

Technology (MIIT) of China and the Municipal Government of Shenzhen.

The expo this year covered topics such as: Internet of Things and information

security; flat panel displays including LED and touchscreen; intelligent

manufacturing and 3D printing; industrial robots and intelligent systems;

intelligent hardware; new energy such as lithium batteries and new energy cars,

and electronic components.

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