ISEGが国際的プレゼンス拡大のためStartup Stock Exchange(SSX)を買収


2016/5/6 15:06

ISEGが国際的プレゼンス拡大のためStartup Stock Exchange(SSX)を買収

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*European Stock ExchangeとStartup Stock ExchangeがISEGの下で活動を統合

International Stock Exchange Group(ISEG)は、初期段階企業の株式の取引のための国際市場であるStartup Stock Exchange(http://www.Startup.SX )を買収した。


この取引はEuropean Stock Exchange(ESE)とStartup Stock Exchange(SSX)の事業をISEGの下で一体化し、同グループの国際的プレゼンスと上場能力を拡大する。





SSXのイアン・ヘイト最高経営責任者(CEO)兼共同創設者は「ISEGによるSSX Holdings Corp.の買収は、SSXにとって刺激的な展開である。これはESEに対し、有資格の企業や投資家が認可された市場でそれらの株式を取引するための次のステップを提供する。共同創設者のブライアン・ニーセン氏と私はSSXをISEGの傘下に置き、ESEとSSXの持続的成長を確実なものにすることができて興奮している」と語った。


詳細について、投資家と企業はhttp://www.europeanstockexchange.comhttp://www.startup.sx を参照。


ISEG Acquires Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) to Expand Global Presence


LONDON, May 5, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/--

European Stock Exchange and Startup Stock Exchange to Merge Activities Under


The International Stock Exchange Group (ISEG) has acquired the Startup Stock

Exchange http://www.Startup.SX an international marketplace for the trading of

early stage company shares.

(Logo: )

The transaction will combine the operations of the European Stock Exchange

(ESE) and the Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) under ISEG and expand the group's

global presence and listing capabilities.

SSX was founded in 2012 to provide a market for the trading of qualified and

publicly listed early stage companies. SSX operates under the DCSX in Curacao,

Kingdom of the Netherlands with supervision from the Central Bank of Curacao

and St. Maarten. SSX has grown its market to registered investors from 144

countries and listing applications from over 900 companies from 80 countries.  

SSX was featured in the Wall Street Journal in September 2014 and also in

papers from Brazil to India to Singapore.

The synergies between ESE and SSX were the motivating factor of this

acquisition.  ESE offers companies a market where they can attract the next

level of investor and to act like a public company before embarking on the

obligation of being one. ESE has created the only platform where companies can

list after crowdfunding and acts as a bridge between that type of fundraising

and the regulation of a full exchange.

Edward Fitzpatrick, founder of ISEG, said "In the lifecycle of today's

fast-paced business any regular stock exchange just isn't fit for purpose for

early stage companies. These exchanges suit well-established companies with

seasoned management." ESE is a 'university' if you like. Perfect for

crowdfunded companies to get them to the next round, highlight them to the next

level of investor. ESE is a platform that does not trade shares and so having

the next stage with SSX where companies can trade shares is a natural step."

The closing of the SSX acquisition and the merger of activity and management

with ESE brings a dynamic for thousands of companies seeking a home for the two

steps required before any of these companies consider a big board listing or

any other form of exit strategy.

"The acquisition of SSX Holdings Corp. by ISEG is an exciting evolution for

SSX. It provides ESE a next step for qualified companies and investors to trade

their shares on a licensed market. My co-founder, Brian Niessen and I are

excited to place SSX under the control of ISEG and ensure ESE and SSX's

continued growth," said Ian Haet, CEO and Co-Founder of SSX.

The acquisition provides ISEG with a robust technical platform for the trading

of shares. ISEG has further ambitions in the platform arena and is in

discussions in other parts of the world to bring a universal home for early

stage companies to structure their capital, highlight their opportunity and

ultimately trade their securities and allow well thought out exit strategies

for their early adopter investor backers.    

Investors and companies can visit , and for information.