StartがStartJG Hong Kongをフィッチに売却


2016/10/25 15:15

StartがStartJG Hong Kongをフィッチに売却

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【ロンドン2016年10月24日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】カスタマー・エクスペリエンス・デザイン(顧客体験設計)の独立系コンサルタント会社Startは、フィッチ(Fitch)によるStartJG Hong Kongの取得を発表する。Startはこの売却の一方で、「優良センター」である英国と中東の拠点を通してグローバルな顧客に対し、デジタル技術と高度なカスタマー・エクスピリエンス・デザイン主導のソリューションの提供に努めている。

StartJG Hong Kongは2009年にマネジングディレクターのジョナサン・カミングス氏が設立し、2014年に香港のブランド・コンサルタンシー賞を受賞した。カミングス氏とゼネラルマネジャーのキャリー・ウィリアムズ氏はフィッチの東南アジア・北アジア経営チームに加わる。


Startのマイク・カーティス社長は「フィッチとこの売却にこぎ着けてうれしい。私は1998年にフィッチとキャリアを始めており、そのビジネスはよく知っている。ジョナサンとチームは多くを成し遂げた。事業の成長でStartが果たした役割に満足し、Fitch Hong Kongの成功を願っている」と語った。



Start UKのケビン・ギル最高経営責任者(CEO)は「英国法人はデザインの優秀性で認められたリーダーであり、世界クラスのデザイン人材の宝庫だ。わがドバイ事務所は戦略的ゲートウエーに成長し、そこからわれわれの新モデルが出現している」と指摘した。





Rachel O'Rourke, +44(0)20-7269-0101,


Start Sells StartJG Hong Kong to Fitch


LONDON, Oct. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

     Independent customer experience design consultancy Start announces the

acquisition of StartJG Hong Kong by Fitch. The acquisition comes as Start's key

hubs in the UK and Middle East focus on providing digital technologies and

enhanced customer experience design-led solutions to global clients via these

"centres of excellence".

    StartJG Hong Kong, founded in 2009 by Managing Director Jonathan Cummings,

won Hong Kong's Brand Consultancy of the Year award in 2014. Cummings and

General Manager Cally Williams will join Fitch's senior leadership team for

South East and North Asia.

    Cummings said: "With Start's support we've grown to 40-strong and are a

recognised leader in the region. This acquisition lets us further expand our

offer. Speaking on behalf of the team, I can say that we are enormously excited

about the future."

    Start President, Mike Curtis said: "We're pleased to conclude this

acquisition with Fitch, a business I know well having begun my career with them

in 1988. Jonathan and team have achieved a great deal. We're pleased with the

part Start's played in the business growth, and wish Fitch Hong Kong every


    With a track record in digital transformation and customer experience

design for brands Adidas, Barclays and Virgin, Start will focus on growing its

global partnerships through a more expanded portfolio of design-led solutions;

investing further in technology to offer a cloud-based collaborative work

platform and enabling greater levels of access to its specialist core design

skills and consultancy services.

    Curtis added: "Clients need more direct access to expert teams. We believe

our future lies in smarter working practices regardless of location. Start's

Connected Retail Platform already offers brands remote collaborative working

environments. These tangible solutions allow our clients to develop closer,

more insightful, relationships with their customers. We absolutely see this as

indicative of smarter working. Now in our 20th year, it's time for a smarter


    Kevin Gill, Start UK CEO, added: "The UK is a recognised leader of design

excellence, and our centrepiece of world class design talent. Our Dubai

location has grown into a strategic gateway, and it's from here that our new

model is emerging."

    About Start

    Start is an independent, global design consultancy with multi-skilled teams

and cross-channel expertise. Start helps clients achieve competitive advantage

by defining and designing solutions to improve customer experience.

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