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【ウェルスビル(米ニューヨーク州)2016年11月1日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】LJUNGSTROM ( http://www.ljungstrom-global.com/ )は、同社の空気予熱技術の権利を守ることを決断した。中国の顧客の一部は、LJUNGSTROMが特許を保有するDNF(R)発熱体の模倣版であることが発覚した低品質な製品に関して苦情を申し立てた。LJUNGSTROMは粗悪な模造製品を供給してきた中国南部にあるメーカー1社を特定し、2016年初めに浙江省金華裁判所で特許侵害訴訟を起こした。

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LJUNGSTROMはARVOS Groupの1部門で、空気予熱およびガスガスヒーターの2つの主要アプリケーションによって火力発電所市場のサイエンスおよび技術ソリューションで世界をリードしている。ニューヨーク州ウェルスビルに本社を置くLJUNGSTROMはすべての主要大陸にオフィスと工場を構え、大きな世界プレゼンスを誇っている。

世界的にみると、LJUNGSTROM製品は年間数十億ドルを節約し、最大25%燃料消費を減らしている。さらにLJUNGSTROM技術の効率向上は大気中に放出されるCO2を500億トン以上防ぐことによって世界温暖化の軽減を支援し、より持続可能かつエネルギー効率に優れた世界に寄与してきた。LJUNGSTROMは今後も市場に画期的なイノベーションを提供する世界リーダーであり続ける。詳細はウェブサイトwww.ljungstrom-global.com を参照。


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Energy Efficiency Solutions Provider LJUNGSTROM Settles Patent Infringement Suit Against Manufacturer in China


WELLSVILLE, New York, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

    LJUNGSTROM ( http://www.ljungstrom-global.com/ ) is determined to protect

its rights to its air preheater technologies. Some Chinese customers had made

complaints about poor quality products that were found to be copycat versions

of the LJUNGSTROM patented DNF(R) heating element. After identifying a

manufacturer in South China who had been supplying an inferior copycat product,

LJUNGSTROM filed a patent infringement suit in the Jinhua, Zhejiang court in

early 2016.

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   A settlement agreement has been reached with the manufacturer to cease its

infringement of LJUNGSTROM's patent and to pay substantial damages for past

infringements. This proves once again that only LJUNGSTROM is in a position to

supply genuine DNF(R) heating elements, manufactured to the quality standards

and extended operational life required to meet the critical power needs of the

people of China.

   This is the first lawsuit LJUNGSTROM has initiated to protect its

intellectual property in China. "LJUNGSTROM is committed to providing proven

technology and established, high-quality products that other suppliers are

unable to match," said Hybern Huo, Managing Director of LUNGSTROM's Shanghai

Unit. "We are trying to help Chinese power plants to avoid premature failure,

downtime and operational issues that might be experienced with unlicensed and

poor quality imitations of our technology."


   LJUNGSTROM, a division of ARVOS Group, is a global science and technology

solutions leader for the thermal power plant market, with two key applications:

air preheaters and gas-gas heaters.  Headquartered in Wellsville, New York,

LJUNGSTROM has a large global presence, with offices and factories in all major


   Globally, LJUNGSTROM products save billions of dollars annually, and provide

up to 25% less fuel consumption. In addition, efficiency improvement of

LJUNGSTROM technologies has helped to reduce global warming by preventing over

50 billion tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, contributing to

a more sustainable and energy efficient world. LJUNGSTROM continues to be the

world leader in bringing ground breaking innovations to market. For more

information, visit: www.ljungstrom-global.com.

   CONTACT: Clint Rankin