KDDI Website "Omoide Timeline" Honored at 4th "Web Grand Prix" Event


TOKYO, Dec. 19, 2016 /Kyodo JBN/ --

KDDI Corporation

KDDI Website "Omoide Timeline" Honored at 4th "Web Grand Prix" Event

- Event Looks Back at Music, News & Fashion Together with Japan's Uniquely Evolved Mobile Phones -

"Omoide Timeline" (Timeline of Memories) loaded with content commemorating 30 years since the birth of mobile phones in Japan, a website unveiled by KDDI Corporation on March 25, 2016, has won the Corporate BtoC Site Grand Prix award at the 4th "Web Grand Prix" event organized by the Web Advertising Bureau of the Japan Advertisers Association Inc.

(Image: Omoide Timeline

Omoide Timeline:

The Web Grand Prix event is aimed at promoting sound development of websites as well as presenting "awards of web professionals, by web professionals and for web professionals" to honor corporations and individuals that have made excellent contributions to this field, and to praise their efforts and achievements.

"Omoide Timeline" was recognized for its merits such as visual and audible entertainment that features memorable music, news, fashion and others tied in with the 30-year history of Japan's mobile phones, which have evolved in unique ways.

About "Omoide Timeline"

This content looks back at the evolution of mobile phones together with music, news and fashion of the times in a timeline format covering a period to 1985 when Japan's first mobile phone was born. You may enjoy experiencing 30 years of Japanese culture by identifying the development of Japan's mobile phones, which have evolved in unique ways, with the history of people-to-people communication. You may also have fun using the online generator to simulate the use of a pager in another timeline section covering the years 1993-1996 when "pocket bell" pagers were in vogue.

Omoide Timeline:



KDDI Corporation

- Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

- President: Takashi Tanaka

Web Advertising Bureau, Japan Advertisers Association Inc. (public interest incorporated association)

- Location: Ginza, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

- Secretary-General: Shigeko Tanaka



The season may be for setting out on a journey. With "Omoide Timeline" on display, you may look back for a moment at mobile phones as well as the memories associated with them.

- Keitai Zukan (Pictorial Guide to Mobile Phones):

- Minnano Keitai Zukan (Everybody's Pictorial Guide to Mobile Phones):



Omoide Timeline

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| Original |

Shoulder-type phone

| Small | Normal |
| Original |


| Small | Normal |
| Original |





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