キムコとKwang Hsingが中国江蘇省常州市に複合工場施設建設で起工式

The Public Promotion Department of Changzhou Xinbei District Commission of CCP

2016/12/19 14:29

キムコとKwang Hsingが中国江蘇省常州市に複合工場施設建設で起工式

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【常州(中国)2016年12月17日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】Kymco Motorcycle(キムコ)とKwang Hsing Precise Machineは2016年12月9日、中国江蘇省常州市新北区雪茄に新しく建設する工場施設の起工式を行った。起工式には常州市のファン・グオチャン副市長、常州国家ハイテク産業開発区(CND)管理委員会ディレクターのチェン・ジェンチュン氏、台湾に本社のあるKwang Yang Motor Company(キムコ)のゼネラルマネジャーであるケ・ジュンビン氏が出席し、常州市人民政府台湾担当事務所の幹部、施設建設の許認可に関わる他の政府省庁関係者が参加した。

キムコが業務を拡大する中でキムコの海外研究、開発、製造、販売部門である常州キムコは急速に成長を続けている。常州キムコは世界79カ国で販売され消費者に高く評価されている高品質製品のパイプラインとなっている。キムコは1994年に常州市で操業を開始して以来拡大を続け常州市にしっかり根ざし、地方レベルでの経済成長の促進を支援することで企業としての社会的責任にコミットしている。常州キムコと常州Kwang Hsingの共同複合施設の起工は、キムコやこのグループの常州市における別の製造施設建設にとって新たなマイルストーンになる。常州市は地域内ではドラゴンシティーのニックネームで知られており、地元政府と関係企業による協力の結果である新しい複合施設は、常州市の工業的発展とそのニックネームにふさわしい力と偉大さに応える市として新しい一章を開くことになる。



ソース:The Public Promotion Department of Changzhou Xinbei District Commission of CCP

Kymco Motorcycle and Kwang Hsing Precise Machine Hold Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Manufacturing Complex in Changzhou, China's Jiangsu Province


CHANGZHOU, China, Dec. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/--

    Kymco Motorcycle and Kwang Hsing Precise Machine held a groundbreaking

ceremony for their new set of manufacturing facilities in Xuejia Town,

Changzhou Xinbei District in China's Jiangsu province on December 9, 2016. The

ceremony was attended by Changzhou vice mayor Fang Guoqiang, Changzhou National

Hi-Tech District (CND) management committee director Chen Zhengchun and

Taiwan-based Kwang Yang Motor Company (Kymco) general manager Ke Junbin, as

well as the top officials from the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Changzhou

Municipal People's Government and other governmental offices involved in the

approval process for the facilities.

   As Kymco expands its operations, Changzhou Kymco Motorcycle, the overseas

research and development, manufacturing and marketing arm of Kymco, is also

undergoing a stage of rapid growth, with an ongoing pipeline of quality

products which have been highly acclaimed by consumers worldwide and are sold

in 79 countries. Since 1994 when Kymco first set up operations in Changzhou,

the group has continued to expand and deepen its presence in the city and

remains committed to its corporate social responsibility with a focus on

helping to stimulate economic growth at the local level. The groundbreaking for

Changzhou Kymco's and Changzhou Kwang Hsing's joint complex of facilities

marked a new milestone for Kymco and for the establishment of another set of

manufacturing facilities by the group in Changzhou. Changzhou is commonly known

in the region by its nickname, the Dragon City, and the new complex which has

come into being as a result of the cooperation between and the efforts of the

local government and the companies involved also marks the opening of a new

chapter in the industrial development of Changzhou and in the city living up to

the strength and stature implied in its nickname.

   Changzhou Kymco Motorcycle's US$136 million set of facilities is located on

a piece of land that is located in Xuejia Town, Changzhou Xinbei District. The

multi-building 92,703.05 square-meter complex sits on a 168,000 square meter

plot of land and includes a research and development center and several

manufacturing facilities. In addition to the existing 282 sets of equipment,

the project adds 160 new sets of machinery and auxiliary production equipment

including shot blasting machines and dynamometers, of which, 13 sets are

imported. Upon completion, the complex will be capable of producing 320,000

complete motorcycles annually.

   Mr. Chen, the CND management committee director, said during his speech: "We

are always committed to providing manufacturers with high-quality, convenient

and efficient services. Every department of the municipal government of

Changzhou is dedicated to creating a benign business environment for investors.

We also invite other global investors such as Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco to

establish or expand their presence at CND and to achieve win-win results for

both the manufacturers and the city of Changzhou via our joint efforts and


   SOURCE: The Public Promotion Department of Changzhou Xinbei District

           Commission of CCP