Telepizza、チェコでForty's Pizzaと合弁事業立ち上げ


2017/3/23 13:16

Telepizza、チェコでForty's Pizzaと合弁事業立ち上げ

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*Telepizzaはこのほど、チェコ共和国の大手ピザ宅配会社Forty's Pizzaと合弁事業契約を締結
*Forty's Pizzaの創設者、ヤクブ・シュレザー氏が合弁会社のトップに就任

米国外では世界最大のピザ宅配会社Telepizzaはこのほど、チェコの大手ピザ宅配会社Forty's Pizzaと合弁事業を立ち上げた。

主要市場における大手企業との契約は、イノベーション、合弁企業、オーガニックストアの展開とともに、急速な国際的成長を目指すTelepizzaの野心的な計画の不可欠な部分である。Telepizzaは今後3年間で市場を2倍にすることを目標としている。Forty's Pizzaの創設者、ヤクブ・シュレザー氏が合弁会社のトップに就任する。

Telepizza国際部門のジョルジョ・ミナルディ社長は「われわれは、Forty's Pizzaとの合弁事業に、われわれの野心的拡張計画の達成に向けた一歩として大きな喜びを感じている。チェコは、中欧で拡大するフランチャイズ事業を活用し、国際的に認められたブランドとしてのモメンタムを構築するのを助ける素晴らしい機会を象徴している」とコメントした。

Forty's Pizzaのオーナー兼創設者、ヤクブ・シュレザー氏は「優れた伝統と質を重視したTelepizzaブランドは、われわれに完全にマッチしている。われわれは、このような素晴らしい組織に加わったことを光栄に思っており、われわれの豊富な地元の知識を活用してチェコでのTelepizza事業の成長を助けることを楽しみにしている」とコメントした。





Miguel Justribo


Telepizza Embarks on Joint Venture With Forty's Pizza in Czech Republic


MADRID, Mar. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

- Telepizza has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Forty's Pizza, the
leading pizza delivery company in the Czech Republic     
- The new joint venture company will be led by Mr. Jakub Slezarfounder
ofForty's Pizza     
- Telepizza currently owns1,389 stores worldwide, consisting of 454 owned and
935 franchised or master franchised stores     
- Telepizza now has 10 stores and expects to more than double the market in the
next 3 years in Czech Republic

    Telepizza, the world's largest pizza delivery company outside of the USA,
has recently embarked on a joint venture with Forty's Pizza, the Czech
Republic's leading pizza delivery company.

    Agreements with leading businesses in key markets is a vital part of
Telepizza's ambitious plans for rapid international growth alongside
innovation, JVCs and organic store rollouts, which aim to double the market
over the next 3 years. The new joint venture company will be led by founder of
Forty's Pizza, Mr. Jakub Slezar.

    Telepizza President of International, Giorgio Minardi, comments, "We are
delighted with the new JVC with Forty's Pizza as it marks another step towards
achieving our ambitious expansion plans.The Czech Republic represents a
fantastic opportunity for us to leverage our growing franchising business in
Central Europe and help build momentum as an internationally recognised brand."

    Owner and founder of Forty's Pizza, Mr. Jakub Slezar comments, "With its
strong heritage and focus on quality, the Telepizza brand is a perfect match
for us. We are delighted to have joined such a great organisation and are
looking forward to using our extensive local knowledge to help grow the
Telepizza business in the Czech Republic."

    Telepizza currently operates in more than 20 countries and posted EUR517
million in chain sales and EUR63.6 million in EBITDA in 2016. With ambition for
further business growth through ongoing investment, Telepizza is continuously
looking for potential JVC and master franchisees that seek to join this
incredible opportunity.

    About Telepizza

    Telepizza is the world's largest pizza delivery company outside of the USA.
Headquartered in Madrid, the company offers a variety of pizza and
complementary products that combine consistent flavours across countries with a
focus on local adaptation and innovation in the markets where it operates.

    Telepizza operates in more than 20 countries with its own brand throughout
Europe (Spain, Portugal and Poland), Latin America and other regions mostly
through master franchise agreements. As of March 2017, the company had a
network of 1,389 stores (454owned stores and 935 franchised and master
franchised stores) and employs a vertically-integrated business model
throughout seven dough production facilities.

    In 2016, the Group posted EUR517 million in chain sales and EUR63.6 million

Miguel Justribo

SOURCE: Telepizza