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【イスタンブール2017年4月10日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】世界的な家庭電化製品メーカーArcelikはこのほど、トルコにある冷蔵庫製造工場でJIPM TPMワールドクラス賞を受賞した。Bekoブランドを所有するArcelikは、同賞を受賞する初めてのグローバル家電メーカーとなった。

世界的家電メーカーであるArcelik A.S.(ARCLK: IST)のトルコ・エスキシェヒルにあるArcelikトルコ冷蔵庫製造工場は、卓越した製品製造で世界トップクラスの同賞を受賞した。公益社団法人日本プラントメンテナンス協会(JIPM)が授与する世界クラスのトータル・プロダクション・メンテナンス賞(TPM賞、は、傑出した生産信頼性と効率性を達成した施設を顕彰している。同賞は過去40年間に世界中でわずか20社しか受賞していない。Bekoブランドを所有するArcelikは同賞を受けた世界で最初の家電メーカーである。








トルコ最大の産業コングロマリットであるKoc Holdingの子会社として1955年に創業したArcelikは現在、トルコ、ルーマニア、ロシア、中国、南アフリカ、タイ、パキスタンに3万人の従業員と18製造施設を擁した耐久消費財および家電製品の世界的メーカー/販売会社である。同社は世界145カ国で営業しており、以下の11ブランドを所有している。Beko、Grundig、Blomberg、Defy、Arctic、Dawlance、Leisure、Flavel、Altus、ElektraBregenz。

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Arcelik Receives Prestigious International Manufacturing Award


ISTANBUL, Apr. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/

    Global home appliances company Arcelik received JIPM TPM World Class award

with its refrigerator factory in Turkey. Arcelik, mother company of Beko, has

been the first home appliances company globally to receive this award.

  Arcelik A.S.(ARCLK: IST), Global home appliances company Arcelik's

refrigerator factory in Eskipehir, Turkey, received the world's top award for

manufacturing excellence. Presented by the Japan Institute of Plant

Maintenance, the World Class Total Production Maintenance Award

[ ], recognizes facilities that have achieved

outstanding levels of production reliability and efficiency. In the past 40

years, only 20 companies, worldwide, have received this accolade. Arcelik,

mother company of Beko, has been the first home appliances company globally to

receive this award.

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    The JIPM award system judges the results of a plant's activities and

presents awards at five progressive levels: Excellence, Consistency, Special,

Advanced Special and World Class. It takes about 15 years for a plant to go

from the first to the highest level.

    About Arcelik Factory in Eskisehir

    Founded in 1975 factory employs more than 3.500 people. With an annual

production capacity over 4 million units, the factory exported 63% of its

products to more than 100 countries in 2016. The facilities have also the first

refrigerator recycling plant of Turkey. The Eskisehir Refrigerator Factory

first applied to TPM in 2002 and since then the full dedication of all

employees in the factory, the properly designed TPM Office structure and

uninterrupted support from top management since the very beginning were the

most important factors that brought this unique success of the Eskisehir

Management on the TPM journey.

    About Arcelik

    Founded in 1955 as a subsidiary of Koc Holding, Turkey's largest industrial

conglomerate, today Arcelik is a worldwide producer and marketer of consumer

durables and consumer electronics with 30,000 employees and 18 manufacturing

facilities in Turkey, Romania, Russia, China, South Africa, Thailand and

Pakistan. The company operates in 145 countries and manages 11 brands [Beko,

Grundig, Blomberg, Defy, Arctic, Dawlance, Leisure, Flavel, Altus,


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