2017 Volvo Trucks Safety Report Focuses on Vulnerable Road Users

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2017 Volvo Trucks Safety Report Focuses on Vulnerable Road Users


GOTHENBURG, Sweden, May 10, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

     The number of serious road accidents involving trucks is dropping, but the

safety of vulnerable road users must be improved. And there are still far too

few truck drivers who use their seat belts. These are among the findings of a

new traffic safety report from Volvo Trucks.

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    "In the 2017 Volvo Trucks Safety Report we analyse and describe why

accidents involving trucks occur, how they happen, and what should be done to

reduce the risk of accidents and their consequences. These are facts that are

not only important to our own product development but also to everyone who

works for a safer traffic environment," says Peter Wells, head of the Volvo

Trucks Accident Research Team.

    The 2017 Volvo Trucks Safety Report is based on Volvo's own accident

investigations and on data from various national and European authorities. One

of the report's conclusions is that there is a greater need to focus on

reducing risks for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, moped

riders and motorcyclists.

    "In the past decade the number of serious road accidents involving heavy

trucks has been almost halved in Europe. However, truck accidents involving

vulnerable road users have not been reduced to the same extent," says Carl

Johan Almqvist, Traffic & Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks.

    About 35 per cent of people suffering serious injuries or fatalities in

accidents involving heavy trucks are vulnerable road users. With the increasing

pace of urbanisation and with more people and vehicles on the roads, there is a

risk that injuries will increase unless serious action is taken.

    "In order to cut accident rates it is necessary to continue the development

of a number of technical solutions that can help the truck driver avoid

potentially hazardous situations. Moreover, all road users need to become more

aware of the risks that exist in the traffic environment and how we can best

reduce them," explains Carl Johan Almqvist.

    Giving the driver a clear overview of the truck's immediate vicinity is

crucial to accident prevention. As one of many complements to rear-view

mirrors, close-quarter mirrors and reversing cameras, Volvo has a solution

whereby the driver can see what is happening in the front corner of the

passenger side with the help of a camera.

    "It is also important for pedestrians and cyclists to be aware of the

importance to see and be seen and to assist in smooth, safe interaction in

traffic. That's why we are directing our educational material to both

youngsters and adults, for instance our Stop, Look, Wave and See and Be Seen

campaigns, which spotlight precisely these issues," says Carl Johan Almqvist.

    In order to reduce the risk of accidents with other vehicles, Volvo's

trucks are equipped with various active safety systems. But if an accident does

occur, it is a tried and trusted part of the safety equipment that is the most

important life-saver - the seat belt.

    "The report reveals that far too many truck drivers don't use their seat

belts even though we know that half of the unbelted truck drivers who have died

in road accidents would have survived, had they been wearing their seat belts,"

says Carl Johan Almqvist.

    The 2017 Volvo Trucks Safety Report is the second externally published

report from Volvo Trucks' Accident Research Team.

    "Cutting road accidents is an immensely important global issue. That's why

we want to share our research results in a clear and easy to understand way,"

says Peter Wells.

    The 2017 Volvo Trucks Safety Report can be found in its entirety at


[http://www.volvotrucks.com/en-en/our-values/safety.html#safetyReport ]

    Facts about the Volvo Trucks Accident Research Team (ART)

    ART has investigated and analysed road accidents involving trucks since

1969. For almost 50 years now ART's experience and expertise have formed the

cornerstone of Volvo Trucks' drive to continuously improve its vehicles'

accident-prevention and injury-prevention properties, making Volvo's trucks

among the safest on the market.

    May 10, 2017

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