Conference Seriesの医薬品会議で最新の医薬品研究のパワーを発散

Conference Series

2017/9/13 15:40

Conference Seriesの医薬品会議で最新の医薬品研究のパワーを発散

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*Conference Seriesが2018年に30カ国超で300の医薬品会議を予定

Conference Series( )は1000を超える科学学会・組織と協力して、人類の利益になる貴重な科学的発見を解き放つことを期待して欧州、米国、アジア太平洋で医薬品会議の開催を予定している。

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世界中の医薬品市場の変容により、医薬品業界は急激な成長の可能性を示している。米国では医療支出は3兆1200億ドルの範囲、医薬品売上高は約3330億ドルである。このうち2440億ドルは特許品売上高、700億ドルは後発品である。この広範な医薬品分野の経済を考慮し、Conference Seriesは医薬品市場の変容を促している最新のテーマに関して米国( )、欧州、アジア太平洋各地域で最上級の会議を準備している。

2018年中に予定される当社の医薬品会議( )は世界中にまたがり、医薬品送達システム(DDS) ( )、医薬品発見、医薬品設計、薬理学、神経薬理学、生物学的利用能・生物学的等価性研究、バイオ医薬品発見、抗生物質、毒物学、臨床試験( )、最良のコンプライアンス手法、規制の枠組み、その他の医薬品関係テーマを扱う。Conference Seriesの医薬品会議は専門家の広範なネットワーク作りを促進し、早期の問題解決を必要とするすべての課題に対応する。会議の出席者らは薬学の科学的研究・開発を必然的に後押しする医薬品の知識の交換や共有の数時間に立ち会う。

Conference Seriesとその提携各社は米国、欧州、アジアで3000超の会議を組織し、1000超のPeer Reviewed Journals(専門家の審査を経た学術雑誌)( )を発行、5000万人の読者を持ち、5万人以上の著名人・科学者を編集委員会に擁している。


会議とその模様はConference Gallery ( )とMeetings Experts Outlook ( )を参照。

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Unleashing the Power of the Latest Pharmaceutical Research for Simplified Global Healthcare Solutions through Conference Series Pharma Meetings


LONDON, and SINGAPORE, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

--Conference Series has scheduled 300 more Pharma meetings for 2018 in 30+

Associated with over 1000 scientific societies and organizations, Conference
Series (  is scheduled to organize
pharmaceutical conferences in Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific with a view to
unleash precious scientific findings for the benefit of humanity.

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With the changing face of pharmaceutical markets around the world, the industry
exhibits enormous potential exponential growth. In the US, healthcare spending
is in the range of $3.12 trillion with pharmaceutical sales of around $333
billion. Of this, $244 billion comes from patented sales and $70 billion from
generic sales. Considering this vast economy in the pharmaceutical field, we at
Conference Series are organizing some of our best conferences in the USA ( ), Europe and Asia-Pacific
regions on the current topics, which are instrumental in the changing landscape
of the pharmaceutical market.

Our pharmaceutical conferences (  
scheduled during 2018 span all over the world and feature several
pharmaceutical topics like drug delivery systems ( ) , drug
discovery, drug designing, pharmacology, neuropharmacology, bioavailability
bioequivalence studies, biopharmaceutical drug discovery, antibiotics,
toxicology, clinical trials
(, best
compliance methods, regulatory frameworks and other related topics. Conference
Series Pharmaceutical meetings promote extended networking between experts and
address all such challenges, which require early troubleshooting. Attendees of
the conferences witness several hours of pharmaceutical knowledge exchange and
sharing that would inevitably boost scientific research and developments in the
pharmaceutical sciences.

ConferenceSeries and its partnered companies organise 3000+ conferences across
the USA, Europe & Asia and publish 1000+ Peer Reviewed Journals ( ) , which attract over
50 million readers and feature over 50,000 eminent personalities and reputed
scientists as editorial board members.

During these conferences we have also partnered with some of the best
pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the globe who are not only
pioneers in drug discovery, but also the market leaders in terms of revenue, to
unveil their latest discoveries. Reputed universities across the USA, UK,
Europe and Asia grace these conferences with a view to promote
industry-academia collaborations. These pharma conferences witness a web
traffic total of one million visits, whereas the total page views are 4 million
(analyzed twice a year).

For a glimpse of our conferences and testimonials visit our Conference Gallery
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Outlook (

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