NGOのUrgewaldが総合的な石炭関連データベース「Global Coal Exit List」を発表

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2017/11/10 10:22

NGOのUrgewaldが総合的な石炭関連データベース「Global Coal Exit List」を発表

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【ボン(ドイツ)2017年11月9日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】ドイツの環境問題NGOのUrgewaldとそのパートナーは9日、ボンで開催された国連気候サミットで、燃料炭バリューチェーンに関与する企業の総合的なデータベース「Global Coal Exit List」(GCEL)を発表した。金融業界が使用する大半の石炭データベースは約100社の企業だけを対象にしているが、GCELは石炭探査・採炭、石炭取引、輸送から、石炭発電、石炭製造工場までに及ぶ事業を展開する770社以上の企業を対象にした主要統計を提供する。



石炭産業のデータベースおよびチャートはウェブサイト で閲覧できる。








Moritz Schroeder

Urgewald's Communications Director:


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New Divestment Tool: NGO Urgewald Launches Comprehensive Coal Database "Global Coal Exit List"


BONN, Germany, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


    At the UN Climate Summit today in Bonn, the German environment NGO Urgewald

and its partners published the "Global Coal Exit List" (GCEL), a comprehensive

database of companies participating in the thermal coal value chain. While most

coal databases used by the finance industry only cover around 100 companies,

the GCEL provides key statistics on over 770 companies whose activities range

from coal exploration and mining, coal trading and transport, to coal power

generation and manufacturing of coal plants.



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    The database and charts on the coal industry can be viewed at:

    "We developed the GCEL to provide the finance industry with a concise list

of companies that should be divested," says Heffa Schuecking, director of

Urgewald. "Our research shows that the universe of companies with significant

coal-related business is much larger than investors think. Keeping to a

1.5degree(s)C pathway will be impossible unless banks and investors make a

speedy and full exit from investments in the coal industry."

    The GCEL provides key statistics on companies' annual coal production and

coal share of revenue, their installed coal-fired capacity and coal share of

power production. It also identifies 225 companies that are planning to expand

coal mining and 282 companies that are planning new coal-fired power stations.

    As Sylvain Vanston from the Corporate Responsibility Division of the

insurance company AXA says: "The GCEL is amongst the most thorough coal

databases we have seen. It is a great tool for investors who want to move their

portfolios away from coal."

    Further Information:

    Interesting Facts & Stats around the Global Coal Industry:

    A Regional and Country Overview of the Coal Industry:


    Moritz Schroeder, Urgewald's Communications Director: or +49-2583-30492-19

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