12月8日-10日、第4回Zhuhai International Students Festivalが珠海にて開催

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2017/11/29 16:24

12月8日-10日、第4回Zhuhai International Students Festivalが珠海にて開催

AsiaNet 71282 (1926)

【珠海(中国)2017年11月28日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】「母国のために尽くすこと望む帰国者は珠海で夢を叶えることができる」。第4回Zhuhai International Students Festival(珠海留学生フェスティバル)および2017 Overseas Students' Entrepreneurship Week(海外の学生起業家精神ウイーク)は、12月8日から10日、中国南部の広東省にある珠海での開催が予定されている。

Overseas Students' Entrepreneurship Weekは、International Students Festivalの一部であり、共産主義青年団中央委員会によって全国規模で促進される主要なブランディング・キャンペーンで、「母国のために尽くすこと望む帰国者は珠海で夢を叶えることができる」というテーマの下、Huafa Groupが開催する。開会式、基調演説、才能共有および企画協力会議を含む、留学生のために特別に計画された13のイベントが呼び物である。中国国内と海外で学んでいる優秀な学生が1000人以上集まる見通しで、珠海における革新と起業家精神のトピック、そしていかにより良く中国に貢献するかの計画について集団で議論する予定だ。


International Students Festivalの重点イベントであるOverseas Students' Conferenceは、世界のトップ500社に入る企業数社に加えて、144社の大規模な国有企業、大手上場企業数社および株式非公開企業を呼び集める。それらの企業は全て、最高35万元(約5万3000米ドル)の年収を提示し、それぞれの企業で質の高い3000以上のポジションを埋める人材を見つける意図を持って同イベントに来場する。

同イベントの過去3回の成功例に続き、Zhuhai International Students Festivalは、17の国と地域から留学生を呼び寄せる。今年のInternational Students Festivalは、中国政府の一帯一路構想を支持するため、珠海に広東-香港-マカオ・グレーターベイエリア(Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area)の革新ハブと戦略ベースを確立する努力を強調し、帰国者が集うためのプラットフォーム構築に引き続き重点的に取り組む。

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The 4th Zhuhai International Students Festival to be held in Zhuhai, China December 8-10


ZHUHAI, China, Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

"Returnees wishing to serve the motherland can realize their dreams in Zhuhai."

The Fourth Zhuhai International Students Festival & 2017 Overseas Students'

Entrepreneurship Week is scheduled to be held in Zhuhai, in China's southern

Guangdong province, between December 8 and 10.

Overseas Students' Entrepreneurship Week, a part of the International Students

Festival and a premiere branding campaign promoted on a nationwide scale by the

Communist Youth League Central Committee, hosted by Huafa Group under the theme

"Returnees wishing to serve the motherland can realize their dreams in Zhuhai",

will feature 13 events specially designed for international students, including

the opening ceremony, the keynote speech and the talent exchange and project

cooperation conference. The event is expected to attract over 1,000 of the best

performing students studying in China and abroad, who plan to collectively

discuss plans on how to better serve China, as well as the topic of innovation

and entrepreneurship in Zhuhai.

Liu Zihong, chairman and CEO of Royole, will deliver the highly anticipated

keynote speech during the opening ceremony, during which he is expected to

share with attendees the story behind his company's "black technology" as an

example of the success that can be achieved by an entrepreneur who has studied

abroad and returned to China to further his or her career.

As a focused event of the International Students Festival, the Overseas

Students Conference will bring together 144 large state-owned companies,

several of the leading listed as well as privately-held companies in addition

to some of the world's top 500 companies, all of whom have come to the event

with the intention of filling more than 3,000 high-quality positions at their

respective firms, offering yearly salaries up to 350,000 yuan (approx.


Following the previous three successful editions of the event, the Zhuhai

International Students Festival brings together overseas students from 17

countries and regions. This year's International Students Festival will

continue the focus on creating a gathering platform for returnees, highlighting

efforts in establishing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area's

innovation hub and a strategy base in Zhuhai to support the Chinese

government's One Belt, One Road initiative.

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