2017年China (Dongguan) International Science & Technology Cooperation Weekに世界中から革新と革新者が集結

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2018/1/3 16:15

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2017年China (Dongguan) International Science & Technology Cooperation Weekに世界中から革新と革新者が集結

【東莞(中国)2017年12月29日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】「科学技術協力を促進し、研究をより良い未来の生産に結び付けよう」という標語は、科学研究機関の国際協力と革新的業績、高度で専門的な技術に重点を置いた6分野の指定展示ゾーンに分かれた総面積2万5000平方メートルの展示会を適切に表現した。展示は米国、ドイツ、英国、日本、オーストラリア、イスラエルとの協力事業の成果としての国際プロジェクトと、中国科学院、広東科学院や中国各地の同様の科学院や中国中央政府などの新科学研究・開発施設による革新的な科学研究業績の利用を伴うプロジェクトから成っていた。展示ゾーンは松山湖のPearl River Delta National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone(珠江デルタ国家独立革新実証地区)や軍民共同事業関係や東莞とその周辺の他の新研究・開発機関による革新的な科学技術の成果も展示した。300を超える企業や科学研究機関が2000以上のハイテクプロジェクトや革新的製品・サービスを展示し、軍民共同、インテリジェント製造、電動車両、起業育成、知的財産権の各分野を網羅した。

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展示会の間、18の専門技術に焦点を当てたパネルディスカッションやフォーラムが開催され、国立の科学技術研究機関の教授、研究者30人、中国と国際的な機関の主要専門家200人以上、関係分野の研究機関や企業の代表1000人以上が出席した。出席者らはインテリジェント製造、軍民協力、微生物の安全性と健康、エネルギー節約と環境保護、地理空間技術に関連するテーマを話し合い、これら新技術への聴衆の興味、関心を引き、技術情報の交換の促進に努めた。ハイライトは、2nd China Science and Technology Innovation Forumで「Power of Future Technologies」をテーマにしたノーベル化学賞受賞者ロバート・カール氏とWired(ワイアード)の創設者・編集長ケビン・ケリー氏の基調講演だった。両氏はハンブルクのAcademy of Sciences and Humanitiesの学者チャン・チェンウェイ氏、China Science and Technology Exchange Centerのチャオ・シンリ副ディレクターも出席した「Power of Future Technologies: Artificial Intelligence」をテーマにした円卓フォーラムでも意見を披露した。各フォーラムでこの展示会は、集まった科学者らが革新的なアイデアと見解を世界と交換、共有し、広範な注目を引くプラットフォームにもなった。


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2017 China (Dongguan) International Science & Technology Cooperation Week brings together innovations and innovators from around the world


DONGGUAN, China, Dec. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The event's tagline "Promoting S&T cooperation and matching research with

production for a better future" aptly described the exhibits spreading across

the 25,000-square-meter space and divided into six designated exhibition zones

which are focused on international cooperation, innovative achievements of

science and research institutions as well as advanced and specialized

technologies. Exhibits included international projects as a result of

collaborative efforts with the USA, Germany, the UK, Japan, Australia and

Israel, and projects involving the application of innovative scientific

research achievements made by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Guangdong

Academy of Sciences and similar such academies across China in addition to

Chinese central government-owned and other new scientific research and

development facilities. The exhibition zones also showcased innovative

scientific and technological outcomes achieved by the Pearl River Delta

National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Songshan Lake as well as

facilities involved in civil-military integration efforts and other new

research and development organizations in and around Dongguan. Over 300

companies and scientific research organizations showcased more than 2,000

high-tech projects, as well as innovative products and services, encompassing

the civil-military integration, intelligent manufacturing, electric vehicles,

startup incubation and intellectual property fields.

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Signing Ceremony for Ten Technology Projects

During the event, 18 specialized technology-focused panel discussions and

forums were held, attended by 30 professors and researchers from national

scientific and engineering institutions, over 200 leading experts from Chinese

and international organizations, as well as more than 1,000 representatives

from research organizations and companies engaged in related fields. The

attendees discussed topics related to intelligent manufacturing, civil-military

integration, microorganism safety and health, energy conservation and

environmental protection, as well as geospatial technology, in a move to

interest and engage the audience in these new technologies and boost exchanges

on technical information. Among the event highlights, Robert Curl, winner of

the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of

Wired, delivered keynote speeches on the theme of the "Power of Future

Technologies" at the 2nd China Science and Technology Innovation Forum. Messrs.

Curl and Kelly also shared their opinions on the "Power of Future Technologies:

Artificial Intelligence", the theme of the roundtable forum attended by Zhang

Jianwei, academician of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg and

Zhao Xinli, deputy director of the China Science and Technology Exchange

Center. The forums helped transform the event into a platform where scientists

gathered to exchange and share with the world their innovative ideas and

opinions, attracting widespread attention.

In addition, the event also set up an international platform for global

scientific research institutions and companies, where a ceremony celebrating

the signing of ten technology projects, an auction for access to ten new

technologies as well as an auction to bid for the opportunity to work on

solutions that address ten technological challenges facing companies took

place, providing a new path to the application of technological achievements.

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