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【コンコード(米マサチューセッツ州)2017年12月29日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】新製品、茶道用の「抹茶茶碗セット(Ceremonial Matcha Bowl Set)」と「抹茶1杯(Matcha Single Steeps(R))」によって、ティーフォルテ(Tea Forte)のぜいたく体験が伝統的な抹茶と出会う。春摘み、日蔭栽培、石臼びきの有機抹茶は、何世紀も伝わる日本の茶道「茶の湯」に供されるのが最もふさわしい。瞑想的質を中心とすることで知られる調整技術である。

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現在、一部の店とオンライン(http://teaforte.com )で販売中。価格は35ドルから。

@teaforteofficial(https://www.instagram.com/teaforteofficial/ )でティーフォルテのフォローを。

▽ティーフォルテ(Tea Forte)について

完全な一碗の茶を煎じて座す儀式は、風味体験によって平和を見いだすことができる。非のうちどころのない素材から手作りされた茶と特許権を有する1杯分のピラミッド型茶アミ、優れたデザインのアクセサリーが、碗それぞれに繊細な風味とシンプルな洗練性をもたらす。控えめの豪華さによって、ティーフォルテ(Tea Forte)は35カ国を超える茶の鑑定家の日常的な道楽になっている。世界の大手ホテル、レストラン、リゾート、小売店で手に入るティーフォルテはまた、独占的な茶の御用達としてJames Beard Foundation(ジェームズ・ビアード財団)に仕入れている。詳細はhttp://teaforte.com を参照。


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Introducing Tea Forte's Matcha Collection - Savor The Experience Of A Delicious Ritual


CONCORD, Massachusetts, Dec. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The luxurious experience of Tea Forte meets traditional matcha with our new

Ceremonial Matcha Bowl Set and Matcha Single Steeps(R). Our spring harvested,

shade grown, stone ground, organic matcha tea is best served in a centuries-old

Japanese tea ceremony called chanoyu: a preparation technique known for its

centering meditative qualities.

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"The launch of Tea Forte's Matcha collection represents our continued

commitment to wellness and cultivating all the potential mental and physical

health benefits of tea," says Tea Forte CEO Michael Gebrael. "In addition to

our high quality pure Matcha, we've also blended four distinct flavored matcha

varieties. Prepackaged for single servings, our Single Steeps Matcha is ideal

for the office, travel or to keep with you for a boost anytime."

Our handcrafted ceremonial tea bowl, handmade bamboo whisk and measuring ladle

encourage serene enjoyment of our premium Kosher, gluten-free and vegan matcha

blends. These include:

PURE MATCHA Delicious hot, steamed, iced or blended with your choice of milk.

CHOCOLATE MATCHA The taste of cocoa and vanilla make for an energizing


COCONUT MATCHA Hints of rich, creamy coconut lend a tropical vibe to classic


GINGER MATCHA Emerald-green matcha benefits from warming ginger.

CHAI MATCHA Two classic tea blends come together: spicy chai and pure matcha.

In addition to its coveted, distinctive taste, matcha is prized for its health

benefits. Steeped green tea contains only the antioxidants that can be

extracted in water, while with matcha, the whole leaf is consumed. Our

high-grade matcha is shaded in the weeks prior to harvest, increasing

chlorophyll and encouraging the deep emerald hue. Tea Forte is proud to bring

this healthy beverage to a new generation of tea drinkers.

Available now in select stores and online at http://teaforte.com, starting at


Follow Tea Forte at @teaforteofficial



The ritual of steeping and sitting down to a perfect cup of tea is as much

about finding peace in the experience as it is about the taste. Impeccably

sourced, handcrafted teas, patented single-steep pyramid infusers and

design-driven accessories bring subtle flavors and simple refinement to every

cup. With its understated luxuriousness, Tea Forte has become an everyday

indulgence of tea connoisseurs in over 35 countries. Available at the world's

leading hotels, restaurants, resorts and retailers, Tea Forte also serves as

the exclusive tea purveyor to the James Beard Foundation. Learn more at


Media Contact: Christie Kozak

christie@learypr.com, T 978.502.5747

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