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このアプリの開発資金を集めるInitial Coin Offering(新規仮想通貨公開)を通じて、1900万ドル余りが調達された。Ethereum(イーサリアム)のライトノードとしてモバイルデバイスで動作するよう設計されたこのアプリに対する需要は、Delphyのサーバーが公開後数時間で一時的にクラッシュするほどの盛況を見せた。





プラットフォームを動作するDelphyトークン(DPYトークン)は、世界大手の仮想通貨取引所OKEXで入手でき、ビットコインもしくはEthereumを使って購入できる。予測市場において、DPYは株式を購入したり、正しく予知した人への報酬として使用できる。トークンを早期に入手した人は、Delphy Bounty Program(Delphyトークン報奨金プログラム)を通じてボーナスのコインを受け取る権利がある。約13万枚のトークンが、OKEXを利用してトークンを購入したトレーダーに割り当てられる。公式の詳細プログラムは今週、OKEXにより開始される。



Tom Fry



Delphy Surpasses 100,000 Pre-registration Mark for its Predictive Markets App


SINGAPORE, January 8, 2018, /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/--

Delphy harnesses the wisdom of the crowd to make future event predictions   

Having raised over $19 million in seed funding, it is set to launch in Q1 2018  

The Delphy Token is now available on leading global cryptocurrency exchange,

OKEX with a token bounty program totaling over $500,000 USD  

Delphy, a predictive markets platform, today announced that over 100,000 people

have pre-registered to download its app, which will go live in February. In

addition, the company also announced that the leading global cryptocurrency

exchange, OKEX, is listing the DPY token that will power the platform.

Over $19 million was raised through an Initial Coin Offering to fund

development of its app. Designed to run on mobile devices as a light Ethereum

node, demand for the app saw Delphy's servers temporarily crash within hours of

going live.

Bo Wang, Founder of Delphy said: "The pre-registration figures are a testament

to the interest in Delphy and the immense appeal of predictive markets.

Supporters now have the opportunity to secure DPY tokens using OKEX before the

app's official launch."

Delphy, an open source mobile platform of the prediction market, channels the

wisdom of the crowd to make data-driven predictions about future events. Users

who correctly predict the outcomes of events are rewarded. Users invest in

predictions on markets such as finance,  sports, entertainment and more.

"Will Bitcoin break $20,000 next week? Will Donald Trump be elected for a

second term? Will humans go to Mars by 2025?" said Bo Wang, Founder of Delphy.

"By drawing on the collective experience and knowledge of our users, Delphy can

make predictions about some of the most important events of our time."

Delphy implements three of the necessary conditions for crowd wisdom as defined

by renowned journalist and author, James Surowiecki: diversity of opinion,

independence of opinion, and decentralization. Named after the prophetic oracle

from Greek mythology, Delphy is built on a decentralized Ethereum platform,

making it difficult to manipulate prediction results.

The Delphy Token (DPY Token) powering the platform is now available on the

leading global cryptocurrency exchange, OKEX, and can be purchased using

Bitcoin or Ethereum. In the prediction market, DPY will be used to buy shares

and reward winners for correctly making forecasts. Early adopters of the token

will be eligible for a coin bonus via the Delphy Bounty Program. Some 130,000

DPY tokens will be allocated to traders who purchase tokens using OKEX.  The

official details of the program will be launched by OKEX this week.

About Delphy

Delphy is an open-source, decentralized, mobile prediction market platform

built on the Ethereum platform. Delphy uses market incentives to allow

participants to transparently communicate with each other to discuss and share

the outcome of upcoming events whilst effectively predicting the future. Our

decentralized platform makes it difficult to manipulate prediction results.

Delphy incentivizes its platform users with rewards for correctly predicting

future events. Delphy endeavor to eliminate uncertainty in forecasting and

predicting outcomes.

Tom Fry


SOURCE: Delphy