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分散型の食料品マーケットプレースのINSエコシステム( )は8日、同社のクラウド・コントリビューション期間で4000万ドルに達したと発表した。

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INSは現在までに、2 Sisters Storteboom、MARS、Reckitt Benckiser、Valio、Aviko、Capebe、FrieslandCampina、Borjomiを含む世界の最大手メーカーの幾つかから、強力な産業支援と公式な関心を得ている。INSは英国、オランダ、ブラジル、イタリア、ロシアの500以上の独立系サプライヤーと面談し、その他の国もINSが立ち上げるプラットフォームに加わることを検討している。


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INS Concludes a $42M Token Sale to Disrupt Global Grocery Retail


MOSCOW, Jan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The decentralized grocery marketplace will cut grocery check by 30%

INS Ecosystem (, the decentralized grocery marketplace, has

announced today that its crowd contribution period has reached $40M.

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Aiming to disrupt the $8.5 trillion USD global grocery market, INS Ecosystem

was founded by Peter Fedchenkov and Dmitry Zhulin and is set to pilot in 2018.

The platform connects manufacturers directly with consumers with an aim to

overcome retailer domination, and in turn, save consumers up to 30% on their

everyday e-shopping.

INS Founder, Peter Fedchenkov said, "The staggering success of our token sale

has left the INS team both humbled and overjoyed. When we set out on this

incredibly ambitious mission, we knew that the only way we could succeed in

revolutionizing the grocery industry was with a community that is as passionate

as it is positive at our side. We heard loud and clear with this token sale

that we have the full support of such a community."

Within the INS Ecosystem, all manufacturers will be able to list and sell

products directly to consumers, gain customer feedback, and reward loyal

customers. Smart contracts will power loyalty programs, and blockchain

technology will make the supply chain more efficient trimming costs.

The INS token sale finished with the INS Ecosystem token, INS, distributed to

participants. The INS Ecosystem token serves as a method to power direct

manufacturer to consumer loyalty programs and can also be used as a means of


The funds raised from the token sale will correspond with the INS roadmap, with

funding allocated for research and development; infrastructure; administration

and operations; marketing and sales; and legal and contingency services.

"Grocery is the second largest retail industry in the world, yet it has

remained perhaps the slowest to adopt emerging technologies. This presents an

incredible opportunity for growth and change, and through our conversations

with industry executives, leaders in the crypto space, and our community as a

whole, it is clear that there is an enormous amount of faith in INS as the best

suited project to take on this challenge," added Fedchenkov.

To date, INS has garnered strong industry support and formal interest from some

of the largest manufacturers globally, including 2 Sisters Storteboom, MARS,

Reckitt Benckiser, Valio, Aviko, Capebe, FrieslandCampina, and Borjomi. In

total, INS has seen over 500 independent suppliers from the UK, Netherlands,

Brazil, Italy, Russia, and other countries explore joining the platform on its


"This early milestone is a tremendous indicator that our work has hit a

pressure point in arguably the most important industry in the world, and we are

eager to continue moving along our project roadmap. We would again like to

extend our sincerest thanks to the community and look forward to demonstrating

that token sale participants were right to put their trust in us," concluded


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