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Glosferは、同社が2017年9月25日に8時間という短時間で韓国国内市場向けのHYCON ICOのファーストラウンドを成功裏に締め切ったために注目を浴びた。このICOの初期段階は、3500ビットコインの初期目標を少し超える資金を調達した(その時点では1390万米ドル)。

同社は、数ある中でも特にフィンテック、実体経済で使用される仮想通貨、情報管理テクノロジーを含む幅広い分野において、ビジネスや日常生活に直接適用できるブロックチェーン・テクノロジーの開発に傾注してきた。最近では2017年12月16日、Glosferは500人が参加した大規模会議のInfinity Project Unpacked Eventの開催に成功し、実体経済における最新テクノロジーのさまざまな応用例について紹介した。


Glosferは、韓国のブロックチェーン技術・サービス大手である。同社はそのルーツである第1世代ブロックチェーン企業のもとに構築され、革新的な技術とサービスを生かして、国内外市場への守備範囲を増強するため、さまざまな産業への活動を広げることに努力している。同社の技術とサービスは、PHP APIを使ったブロックチェーン・プラットフォームであるPACKUTHとそのオンラインおよびオフラインの仮想通貨取引プラットフォームなどがある。近く自社で発行するHYCONコインを使うInfinity Projectによって、同社は自社仮想通貨エコシステムを確立、提供するとともに、公共機関との協力を通じて、ブロックチェーン技術に基づきより透明かつ公正な社会づくりに貢献しようとしている。


Jaehan Lee, Manager of Marketing



Bina Cho, Creative Director

Chris & Partners - Partner of Glosfer



Glosfer Creates Genesis Block of Cryptocurrency HYCON


SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-It is the first step towards the 3rd generation currency following Bitcoin and

Ethereum. Glosfer continues to develop its HYCON blockchain technology for use

in the real economy.-

Leading South Korean blockchain company, Glosfer (CEO Taewon Kim), announced it

created the genesis block of its HYCON cryptocurrency, on January 4, 2018 at

3:15 am.

The significance of the time is due to the history of cryptocurrency. Satoshi

Nakamoto created the genesis block of Bitcoin on January 3, 2009 at 18:15 pm.

The genesis block is the first block of a blockchain. In other words, it was

the beginning of all cryptocurrency and the mother of all blockchains.   

According to Taewon Kim, CEO of Glosfer, the creation of HYCON's genesis block

holds great significance because it was made at the same time as when the

genesis block of Bitcoin was generated. (GMT is 9 hours behind Seoul, South

Korea time.) He said, "We have made the first step towards the 3rd generation

currency following Bitcoin. We will spare no efforts to develop technology to

apply Hycon in the real economy and make it more popular."

Glosfer grabbed attention when it successfully closed its first round of the

HYCON ICO for the domestic Korean market within just eight short hours on

September 25, 2017. The early stage of the ICO resulted in raising slightly

more than the initial target of 3,500 Bitcoin (approx. USD 13.9 million at that


The company has been striving to develop blockchain technology which can be

applied directly to businesses and daily life in a wide variety of fields

including Fintech, cryptocurrency used in the real economy, and information

management technology, amongst many others. Recently, on December 16, 2017,

Glosfer successfully held the Infinity Project Unpacked Event, a large-scale

conference, attended by 500 people which showcased the various applications of

the new technology in the real economy.    

About Glosfer:

Glosfer is a leading blockchain technology and services company in South Korea.

Building on its roots as a first-generation blockchain company, Glosfer strives

to expand its activities into various industries to bolster its reach in both

domestic and international markets, by leveraging innovative technologies and

services, including its PHP API blockchain platform PACKUTH and its online and

offline cryptocurrency trading platforms. With its upcoming Infinity Project,

powered by its HYCON coin, the company seeks to establish and facilitate its

cryptocurrency ecosystem while contributing to a more transparent and fair

society based on blockchain technology through cooperation with public


Jaehan Lee, Manager of Marketing



Bina Cho, Creative Director

Chris & Partners - Partner of Glosfer


SOURCE: Glosfer