Tanla Solutionsがインドの大手電気通信会社を不正な国際SMS取引から守る

Tanla Solutions Limited

2018/1/12 15:52

Tanla Solutionsがインドの大手電気通信会社を不正な国際SMS取引から守る

AsiaNet 71848 (0092)

【ハイデラバード(インド)2018年1月11日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】世界最大のクラウドコミュニケーション・プロバイダーの1つで、年間900億件超のビジネスコミュニケーションを処理しているTanla Solutionsは、インドの大手携帯電話会社との国際長距離SMSハブの商業展開を発表した。

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Tanla CMDのウダイ・レディ氏は「国際長距離ハブを導入、展開することにより、TanlaとパートナーのTelcoは共に協力し、費用対効果の高い、配信効率の良いサービスエコシステムのビジネスを実現させ、その結果、企業にとってはより高い価値を、モバイル加入契約者には豊かな経験を生み出している」と語った。






Tanlaは主要なインドの証券取引所に上場している株式公開企業である(BSE CODE: 532790 and NSE: TANLA)。

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Tanla Solutions Firewalls India's Leading Telco From Fraudulent International SMS Transactions


HYDERABAD, India, Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

    Tanla Solutions, one of the largest Cloud Communication providers in the

world, processing over 90 Billion business communications annually, announces

commercial deployment of its international long-distance SMS Hub with a leading

mobile operator in India.

    (Logo: http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/627459/Tanla_Solutions_Logo.jpg )

    The hub is a benefit rich, integrated and regulatory compliant platform

developed, deployed in record time and managed by Tanla for monetizing

international SMS. It offers an all-inclusive SMS firewall, carriage and

termination service delivered via a single connection to a centralized hub

deployed in the telco network.

    Tanla's next generation SMS Hub platform underpinned by a best-in-class

telecom network significantly improves customer experience by speedy delivery

of messages. The intelligence of the platform ensures prioritization of

delivery for time sensitive messages like OTPs, thereby resulting in multi-fold

increase in conversion rates of transactions and user acquisitions.

    "With the deployment of the international long-distance hub, Tanla and our

partner Telco together have enabled businesses with a cost-effective and

delivery efficient service ecosystem thereby creating a stronger value for

enterprises and rich-experience for mobile subscribers," said Tanla CMD Uday


    International long-distance SMS Hub is expected to further strengthen Tanla

and the Telco's market positioning, optimizing network resources and generating

additional revenues from international SMS traffic terminating into India.

    About Tanla:

    Tanla started its journey as the new millennium set in with a small group

of mobile messaging experts, with base in Hyderabad, India, to create a

world-class messaging service.

    Today, Tanla is a global leader in its domain as one of the largest Cloud

Communication providers, handling over 90 bn business communications annually.

    Tanla is innovating the way world communicates, continuously raising the

bar through enhanced speed, ease and simplicity of Cloud Communication

solutions, adopting cutting-edge technologies to meet the discerning needs of a

diverse clientele, from enterprises to carriers across geographies.

    Tanla is a public limited company listed on leading Indian stock exchanges

(BSE CODE: 532790 and NSE: TANLA).

    Source: Tanla Solutions Limited