Upstream Medicalが新たな診断プラットフォームの臨床試験資金を国際調達

Upstream Medical Technologies

Upstream Medicalが新たな診断プラットフォームの臨床試験資金を国際調達

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【クライストチャーチ(ニュージーランド)2018年1月15日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】欧州の専門投資銀行Innovator Capitalはニュージーランドの新興バイオテクノロジー企業Upstream Medical TechnologiesのシリーズA資金500万米ドルの調達支援企業に指名された。

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Innovator Capitalのマンゴ・パーク会長は「Upstreamのクラス初の血液検査の世界的可能性は短期的、長期的成長の可能性を持ち、患者やインフラへの影響もある新たな診断プラットフォームに参加する機会を投資家に提供する。われわれはこの技術のスケーラビリティーと世界の健康市場での機会に勇気づけられている」と述べた。

Innovator Capital:

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Upstream Medical Sources Global Funding for Novel Diagnostic Platform Clinical Trial


CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, Jan. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Specialist European investment bank, Innovator Capital, has been appointed to

assist emerging New Zealand biotech firm, Upstream Medical Technologies with

its Series A capital raise of US $5 million.

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Upstream’s CEO, Ruth Appleby and CSO, Associate Professor Chris Pemberton

The London based, life sciences and sustainable technology focused firm, is

seeking commitments from corporate, family and professional investors, to fund

Upstream's international, multicentre trial of its first product; a

ground-breaking heart attack blood test.

Upstream is developing a diagnostic platform using signal peptides. This lead

indication will reduce hospital patient admissions of chest pain by up to 40

percent. The Christchurch based company's test can rule out the risk of

imminent heart attack for the significant number of people presenting at

hospitals with chest pain.  

The test identifies patients who are suffering from unstable angina, as opposed

to chest pain from other causes. Patients with unstable angina are at high risk

of a heart attack and must receive immediate treatment to avoid a heart attack

and subsequent heart muscle damage.

"Our technology has far reaching potential across the global health system,"

said Upstream CEO, Dr Ruth Appleby.

"By providing greater certainty to medical staff about whether presenting

patients are at risk of imminent heart attack, we can help the health system

save billions of dollars a year. A quick test as opposed to unnecessary days in

hospital is a real game changer," she said.

"For example, in the US, eight million people arrive at emergency departments

each year with chest pain but only one in eight have a life-threatening actual

or imminent heart attack. This poses a real challenge for doctors to diagnose,

resulting in time consuming repeat tests and unnecessary admissions."

Dr Appleby said the Series A raise would fund a trial of 1,000 patients at

multiple international clinics. The clinical trial is designed to secure

regulatory approvals for the technology in USA and Europe.

Innovator Capital chairman, Mungo Park, said "the global potential of

Upstream's first in class blood test, provides an opportunity for investors to

participate in a novel diagnostic platform with potential for near term and

long term growth as well as patient and infrastructure impact. We are

encouraged by the scalability of the technology and the opportunity for global

health markets."

Innovator Capital,

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