GATE がリストラ計画の完了を発表


2018/1/16 11:24

GATE がリストラ計画の完了を発表

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【ケイマン諸島、シンガポール2018年1月15日PRNewswire=共同通信JBN】Global A&T Electronics Ltd.(以下「同社」)は、裁判所承認のリストラ計画が2018年1月12日を持って有効になったと発表した。






▽UTAC Holdings Ltdについて

UTAC Holdings Ltd(UTAC)は幅広い半導体チップの組立とテストのサービスを行う有力な独立系プロバイダーだ。当社はアナログ、ミックストシグナルとロジック、メモリーという主要製品カテゴリーの中の半導体組み立てとテストサービスの全領域を提供する。当社の顧客は主にファブレス企業、集積デバイス・メーカー、ウエハー・ファウンドリーである。本社はシンガポールにあり、製造施設はシンガポール、タイ、台湾、中国本土、インドネシア、マレーシアにある。米国、日本、中国本土、台湾、さらには他のアジア諸国、そして欧州と、各地域にそれぞれ販売オフィスを持ち、グローバルな販売網を展開している。


GATE Announces Completion Of Restructuring Plan


CAYMAN ISLANDS and SINGAPORE, Jan. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Global A&T Electronics Ltd. (the "Company") announced that the Court-approved

restructuring plan has gone into effect as of today.

At a hearing on 3 January 2018, the Honorable Robert D. Drain affirmed its

ruling on 21 December confirming the Company's restructuring plan, and

overruling or finding inapplicable the limited objection filed by JP Morgan

Chase ("JPMC").

"The closing of our restructuring is the culmination of hard work and strong

support from our equity sponsors and noteholders, who have been constructive

partners throughout our restructuring process. In particular, I want to thank

all our customers and suppliers for their support and trust in UTAC throughout

this process.  I also want to thank our dedicated employees for continuing to

deliver quality products and services to our customers," said Dr. W. John

Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

As previously announced, the restructuring will reduce the Company's funded

debt from approximately $1.12 billion to total of $665 million and reduce its

annual debt service by nearly half from $113 million to approximately $56.5

million. The restructuring will consolidate GATE with its sister company UMS,

allowing for greater operational synergy and liquidity. With the significant

reduction in interest expense, UTAC is expected to generate positive free

cashflow after interest and capex spending.  

When completed, the restructuring will also resolve all litigation and claims

of the noteholders against the company and its equity sponsors over the 2014

debt exchange.

"UTAC will emerge from this process stronger than ever, with the financial

stability and flexibility to invest for future growth," said John.

About UTAC Holdings Ltd  

UTAC Holdings Ltd (UTAC) is a leading independent provider of assembly and test

services for a broad range of semiconductor chips. We offer a full range of

semiconductor assembly and test services in these key product categories:

analog, mixed-signal and logic, and memory. Our customers are primarily fabless

companies, integrated device manufacturers and wafer foundries. UTAC is

headquartered in Singapore, with production facilities located in Singapore,

Thailand, Taiwan, mainland China, Indonesia and Malaysia. We have a global

sales network across United States, Japan, mainland China and Taiwan, rest of

Asia and Europe, with sales offices in each of these regions.  

Source: UTAC