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AsiaNet 72124 (0218)

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スイスのFileWave International Holding AGの株主は、ミュンヘンを拠点とする事業持ち株会社のArmiraへ、FileWaveの過半数株式を売却することに合意した。取引の詳細については公表しないことで、両社は同意している。


1992年創業のFileWaveは、数百社の組織がmacOS、Windows、Chrome OS、Android、Chrome OS、iOS各機器のすべてで動作する単一のスケーラブルなエンドポイント管理ソリューションを通して、コンピューターとモバイルの技術の急激な変化を乗り切ることを可能にした。



1992年創設のFileWaveは世界中の企業、教育、政府機関に、ITライフサイクル全体にわたるマルチプラットフォーム・エンドポイント管理ソフトウエアを提供する。FileWaveは単一プラットフォームソリューションでの「スウェイベルチェア(回転椅子での煩雑な作業)」から解放し、直感的な使い勝手で複雑な作業を簡素化し、さらにスマートな自動化によって、負担が大きいIT部局の生産性を高める。この包括的なソリューションは、macOS、Windows、iOS、Chrome OS、Androidで動作するデスクトップ機器とモバイル機器の両方をサポートする。

FileWaveは米国と欧州にオフィスを持つ。米国のFileWave (USA) IncとスイスのFileWave (Europe) GmbHの両社はFileWaveの完全子会社。

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Jason Noel


+1(888) 345-3928


New Investor for FileWave


WIL, Switzerland, Feb. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-- Armira to help support FileWave through growth phase

The shareholders of FileWave International Holding AG, Switzerland have agreed

to sell a majority stake in FileWave to Munich-based industrial holding company

Armira. The parties agreed not to disclose any details of the transaction.

"We're excited at the opportunity to accelerate our growth and innovation

through strategic investments in people and technology," said Nurdan Eris, CEO

and Founder of FileWave. "By obtaining a new investor, we now have access to a

larger pool of expertise and resources to invest in our platform, expand our

markets, and better serve our customers."

Founded in 1992, FileWave has enabled hundreds of organizations to manage the

increasingly rapid changes in computer and mobile technologies through a

single, scalable endpoint management solution for all of their macOS, Windows,

Android, Chrome OS, and iOS devices.

Armira joins FileWave as an investor in the midst of strong customer growth and

market momentum in both North America and Europe. Nurdan Eris, founder and CEO,

and John Clayton, CTO, continue to lead the management of FileWave.

About FileWave

Founded in 1992, FileWave provides enterprise, education, and government

institutions around the world with multi-platform endpoint management software

for the entire IT lifecycle. FileWave increases the productivity of

overburdened IT departments by eliminating the "swivel chair" among single

platform solutions, simplifying complex processes through an intuitive

interface, and smart automation. This comprehensive solution supports both

desktop and mobile devices across macOS, Windows, iOS, Chrome OS, and Android.

FileWave has offices in the USA and Europe. FileWave (USA) Inc. and FileWave

(Europe) GmbH of Switzerland are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company.

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About Armira

Armira is an industrial holding company focusing on direct equity investments

in privately-held, small and medium-sized businesses in Germany, Switzerland,

and Austria.

Contact Information

Jason Noel


+1(888) 345-3928

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