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【モスクワ2018年2月1日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】アエロフロートはロシア製の最新中距離旅客機MC-21の最大の顧客になる。最新技術の旅客機50機の画期的契約が1日、アエロフロートとRostecの間で調印される。

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MC-21はUnited Aircraft Corp.(UAC)の一部であるIrkut Corporationがロシアの主要メーカーと協力して製造した中距離・狭胴型旅客機である。同機の製造に関係したRostecの子会社はVSMPO-AVISMA、United Engine Corporation、Technodinamika、Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies、RT-Chemcompositeである。




Aeroflot to Sign Firm Order With Rostec for 50 of the Latest Russian-built MC-21 Aircrafts


MOSCOW, February 1, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

    Aeroflot will become the largest customer for the latest Russian-built

medium-range aircraft, the MC-21. The landmark contract for 50 of the

state-of-the-art passenger aircraft will be signed today between Aeroflot and


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    Under the firm order, Rostec leasing subsidiary Aviacapital-Service will

supply Aeroflot with 50 MC-21-300 aircraft on operating leases. Aeroflot will

thus become the largest Russian leasor of the latest Russian-built aircraft.

The leasing payments and reserves for maintenance will total more than USD 5


     The aircraft will be configured for Aeroflot to carry 169 passengers, with

16 business-class and 153 economy-class seats. In the first phase of the

contract the aircraft will be delivered with engines produced outside Russia.

From the 26th aircraft Aeroflot has the option to receive aircraft with new

Russian-built PD-14 engines, which are currently undergoing certification


    The first aircraft is scheduled for delivery to Aeroflot in the first

quarter of 2020, with the order planned to be completely fulfilled by 2026.

Each aircraft will be leased for a term of 12 years, with the option of

two-year extensions on the lease no more than three times. Aeroflot plans to

operate the aircraft on both domestic and international routes.

    Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec, said:

    "This agreement underscores that Russia's civil aviation industry is making

a comeback and taking its place among leading global manufacturers. The MC-21

represents a genuine breakthrough achievement for the aviation industry. The

aircraft uses cutting-edge materials and the latest generation of systems,

created by leading Russian companies. Elements of the MC-21 that Rostec

produces include titanium and composite parts, on-board electronics, chassis

components, other systems, and the 'heart' of the aircraft - the PD-14 engine.

We believe that this engine will be selected by Aeroflot as the primary power

plant for the MC-21."

    Vitaly Saveliev, CEO of Aeroflot, said:

    "The signing of a firm order for 50 MC-21 aircraft is a landmark event not

just for our two companies, but for our country. Russian manufacturers have

created the first next-generation passenger aircraft, marking Russia's return

as a global leader in the aviation industry. It is noteworthy that the signing

of a firm order between Aeroflot and Rostec coincides with a no less

significant achievement, namely Aeroflot's return to the global aviation elite,

as one of the top 20 largest airlines in the world. In today's geopolitical

context we believe it is essential that there is competitive Russian-made

technology, and that it is of the highest quality and competitively priced. For

this reason our partnership with Rostec, our largest partner and a shareholder

of Aeroflot, is of critical importance."

    The MC-21 is a medium-haul, narrow-body aircraft produced by Irkut

Corporation (part of United Aircraft Corp., UAC) in cooperation with leading

Russian manufacturers. Rostec subsidiaries involved in the production of the

aircraft were VSMPO-AVISMA, United Engine Corporation, Technodinamika, Concern

Radio-Electronic Technologies, and RT-Chemcomposite.

    The MC-21 boasts an innovative ergonomic cabin for pilots and improved

capabilities thanks to the unique engineering solutions deployed. It is the

first aircraft of its type in the world to make use of polymer composites in

the construction of the wings. Composites account for more than 30% of the

MC-21, which significantly increases the useful load.

    The MC-21 will provide passengers with a new level of comfort thanks to the

widest fuselage in its class of narrow-body aircraft (at a diameter of 4.06

metres). The cabin has an expanded aisle and tilt-forward stowage bins with

expanded capacity. The manufacturer plans to equip Aeroflot's entire order of

MC-21-300s for WiFi service to allow passengers internet access.

Source: Aeroflot