Exogenesis Corporation社長兼CEOにドミトリー・シャシコフ氏

Exogenesis Corporation

2018/3/2 15:36

Exogenesis Corporation社長兼CEOにドミトリー・シャシコフ氏

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【ビルリカ(米マサチューセッツ州)2018年3月2日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】Exogenesis Corporation(www.exogenesis.us )取締役会はドミトリー・シャシコフ(Dmitry Shashkov)博士の社長兼最高経営責任者(CEO)任命を喜んで発表する。


Exogenesisは脊椎固定術用の高機能インターボディーデバイス製造の商用化協定をVallum Corporation(www.vallumcorp.com )と結んだ。集積回路分野では、Exogenesisは次世代集積回路の原子層製造商用化の協定をNeutral Physics Corporation(www.neutralphysics.com )と結んだ。他の複数の医療・工業用途の商用化提携も計画中である。

Exogenesisのマイク・パウエル取締役会長は「ドミトリーがわれわれの申し込みを受諾し、Exogenesisを次の成長・発展に導いてくれることは大変喜ばしい」と述べた。Inflection Point Venturesのマイク・オマリー取締役兼ゼネラルパートナーは「その経歴と経験から彼はExogenesisの最高指導者の地位に理想的な候補だ」と語った。

ドミトリー・シャシコフ氏は先端的な素材産業の複数の指導的地位を経てExogenesisに入社する。これまで航空宇宙、国防、医療、電子、工業市場に納入する高融点金属の世界的一流企業H.C. Stark Fabricated Productsの社長兼最高経営責任者(CEO)だった。

同氏はハネウェルの50億ドルの1部門Honeywell Specialty Materialsで事業開発、経営管理の役職も務めた。


ノースウェスタン大学で材料科学工学博士号、Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys(モスクワ鉄鋼合金大学)で金属物理学修士号を取得している。



米マサチューセッツ州ビルリカに本拠を置くExogenesisは、非上場ベンチャーキャピタルの支援を受け、コーティングなしで素材の表面を改質し、コントロールする加速粒子ビーム処理技術を開発した。特許権を持つ同社のAccelerated Neutral Atom Beam(ANAB)とGas Cluster Ion Beam(GCIB)の技術は表面改質や、生物医学、光学、半導体物質などさまざまな素材のコントロールに利用されている。Exogenesisの詳細はwww.exogenesis.us を参照、またはinfo@exogenesis.us に連絡を。


Janice M. Davis

+1 978-439-0120


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Exogenesis Corporation Appoints Dmitry Shashkov as President and CEO


BILLERICA, Massachusetts, March 2, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The Board of Directors of Exogenesis Corporation (www.exogenesis.us) is pleased

to announce the appointment of Dmitry Shashkov, Ph.D. as President and Chief

Executive Officer.

Exogenesis is commercializing a platform technology, NanoAccel(TM), which

modifies and controls surfaces of materials at a nanoscale level.  Superior

nanoscale surface control is critical to enablement of high value products in

markets ranging from medical devices to integrated circuits to optics.

Exogenesis has entered into commercialization agreements with Vallum

Corporation to produce enhanced interbody devices for spine fusion procedures

(www.vallumcorp.com).  In the field of integrated circuits, Exogenesis has

entered into agreements with Neutral Physics Corporation

(www.neutralphysics.com) to enable atomic layer manufacturing of the next

generation of integrated circuits.  Plans are underway for additional

commercialization partnerships in several other medical and industrial


"We are very pleased to have Dmitry accept our offer to lead Exogenesis to its

next level of growth and development", said Mike Powell, Chairman of the Board

of Exogenesis.  "Dmitry's background and experience make him the ideal

candidate for the top leadership position at Exogenesis", stated Mike O'Malley,

Board member and General Partner at Inflection Point Ventures.

Dmitry Shashkov joins Exogenesis after several leadership roles in advanced

materials industries.  He previously served as President and CEO of H.C. Stark

Fabricated Products, a leading global manufacturer of refractory metals serving

aerospace, defense, medical, electronic and industrial markets.

Dmitry also served in business development and business management roles at

Honeywell Specialty Materials, a $5 billion division of Honeywell.  

Prior to Honeywell, he worked at McKinsey & Company, managing projects in

chemical, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication industries.

Dmitry earned a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern

University and M.S. in Physics of Metals from Moscow Institute of Steel and


In his new role, Dmitry replaces Richard Svrluga, company co-founder, who will

continue to serve Exogenesis in the months ahead during the transition.

About Exogenesis.  Headquartered in Billerica MA USA, Exogenesis is a private

venture capital backed company that has developed several accelerated particle

beam processing technologies to modify and control surfaces without applying a

coating.  The company's proprietary Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) and

Gas Cluster Ion Beam (GCIB) technologies are used for surface modification and

control in a broad range of biomedical, optical and semiconductor applications.

For more information, please visit www.exogenesis.us or contact us at


Contact: Janice M. Davis, +1 978-439-0120, jdavis@exogenesis.us

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