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2018/7/27 17:12


AsiaNet 74550(1313)

【杭州(中国)2018年7月26日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】革新的なビデオ監視製品とソリューションの世界的供給者Hikvisionは総売上高208億8000万人民元の2018年上半期決算を発表した。前年同期比26.92%増で、株主帰属純利益は同26.0%増の41億5000万元だった。

                                    2018年上半期        2017年上半期       増加率

総売上高(人民元)   20,875,758,224.63   16,447,539,736.52    26.92%

株主帰属純利益(同)    4,147,395,535.86      3,291,546,056.70     26.00%

パートナーや最終顧客のための刷新と価値生成に主導されるHikvisionは、ビデオ技術と人工知能(AI)を中核として一流の技術、製品、ソリューションの広範な開発を続けた。その1例が、2018年3月に杭州で開催されたAI Cloud World Summitで紹介されたHikvision AI Cloud映像・フレームワークであり、AI技術、アプリケーション、サービスの開発を加速するAI産業エコシステムの構築を含む。




上半期財務報告全体はhttp://oversea-download.hikvision.com/uploadfile/Investment%20Relationship/Hikvision%202018%20Half%20Year%20Report.pdf を参照。


Hikvisionは、革新的なビデオ監視製品とソリューションの世界的プロバイダーである。業界最強の研究開発陣を擁するHikvisionは、オーディオ/ビデオエンコーディング、ビデオ画像処理、関連データストレージの中核技術のほか、クラウドコンピューティング、ビックデータ、ディープラーニングなどの先見的なテクノロジーを進化させている。Hikvisionは長期的ビジョン達成のため、ビデオ監視業界に加え、スマートホーム・テクノロジー、産業オートメーション、自動車エレクトロニクス業界にもその範囲を広げている。顧客のために常に価値を創造するHikvisionは、真に国際的な影響力を達成するため世界で37の地域子会社を運営している。詳細はwww.hikvision.com を参照。

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Hikvision announces half-year financial results


HANGZHOU, China, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

(January - June 2018)

Hikvision, the world's leading provider of innovative video surveillance

products and solutions, has reported a total turnover of RMB 20.88 billion for

the 1st half of 2018. The year-on-year revenue growth was 26.92%, and net

profit attributable to shareholders was RMB 4.15 billion, up by 26.00%.

            2018 First Half Year 2017 First Half Year   YoY Growth (%)

Total Operating income (RMB)  20,875,758,224.63   16,447,539,736.52   26.92%

Net profits attributable to

shareholders of the Company (RMB)4,147,395,535.86  3,291,546,056.70   26.00%


Driven by innovation and value generation for its partners and end-customers,

Hikvision continued its extensive development of leading technology, products

and solutions with video technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the

core. One example of this is the Hikvision AI Cloud vision and framework that

was introduced at the AI Cloud World Summit held in Hangzhou in March 2018,

which includes building an AI industry ecosystem to accelerate the development

of AI technologies, applications and services.

Hikvision remained focused on improving the management and operational

efficiency of the company while also strengthening channel marketing, project

sales and technology partner collaboration.

To drive continuing commercial success and growth, Hikvision is expanding its

operations at home and abroad with major investments in local sales, marketing

and service networks. During the first half of 2018, the company established

more than 10 new regional offices in the overseas markets, which will further

help improve sales, delivery and customer support offerings in local markets.

For the full half-year financial report, please visit here (



About Hikvision

Hikvision is the world's leading provider of innovative video surveillance

products and solutions. Featuring the industry's strongest R&D workforce,

Hikvision advances core technologies of audio and video encoding, video image

processing, and related data storage, as well as forward-looking technologies

such as cloud computing, big data, and deep learning. In addition to the video

surveillance industry, Hikvision extends its reach to smart home tech,

industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries to achieve its

long-term vision. Always creating value for its customers, Hikvision operates

37 regional subsidiaries all over the world to achieve a truly global presence.

For more information, please visit us at www.hikvision.com.

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