”TOKYO STARTER KIT”, special passenger tickets to be released for foreign tourists to Japan!

Toei Transportation

2019/7/12 12:00

July 12, 2019

Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

”TOKYO STARTER KIT”, special passenger tickets combined with medical service including traveling insurance to be released for foreign tourists to Japan!

-To enjoy Tokyo in a safer and more convenient and reliable way-

The Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government releases “TOKYO STARTER KIT”, which is a special passenger ticket with a new concept to solve problems of foreign travelers visiting Tokyo, who do not know which hospital to go to when sick or injured during travel, who are unable to communicate verbally at a hospital, or who have to bear high medical costs, and help them to enjoy Tokyo in a safer and more convenient and reliable way. We are pleased to announce the details as follows.

In addition, we will release this special passenger ticket in liaison with Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., which has concluded a wide collaboration agreement※1 with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


“Tokyo Subway Ticket”, which allows unlimited rides on all the Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro lines for 72 hours, as well as “Toei Bus One-day Pass” combined with a special traveling insurance for foreigners visiting Japan.

Furthermore, you can receive an introduction to a medical institution and get the interpretation service when consulting a doctor, as well as the support when you lose your passport by downloading a special mobile application.

In addition, this kit combines various services: providing tourist information and valuable coupons, multilingual information announcement in the event of a natural disaster, etc.

2 Launching sales

Starting on Monday, July 22, 2019

3 Price

\3,000 (including tax) *There is no child pass.

4 Sales locations and open hours

Ueno-okachimachi Tourist Information Center (8:00 to 20:00),

Stationmaster’s offices at Tochomae [Tokyo Metropolitan Government], Shinjuku-nishiguchi and Daimon stations on the Toei Oedo Line, and Shimbashi station on the Toei Asakusa Line (From the time of the first train until 22:00)

5 Available for purchase by

Foreign tourists to Japan

Please show your passport to confirm you are a foreign tourist in Japan. Besides, a special terminal reads your passport information to register you as an insured person.

*1 “Wide collaboration agreement”

This is an agreement of comprehensive and cross-sectional collaboration and coordination in several policy areas concluded between the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and companies, etc. with the aim of promoting an effective and efficient Tokyo Metropolis administration from the viewpoint of Tokyo citizens.  

Sales content of “TOKYO STARTER KIT”


(1) Tickets

[1] Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket

The ticket allows unlimited journey in all Tokyo Metro lines and all Toei Subway lines for 72 hours after the first use.

[2] Toei Bus One-day Pass

The pass allows unlimited journey within a one-day period in the 23 wards of Tokyo on Toei Bus (except on Koto Route 01).

* When using late-night bus service, you are requested to pay the additional fee of \210 in cash (IC \206).

You can use a previous day's One-day Pass on the Toei Bus from midnight today to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.


"Chikatoku" is a service to provide unique privileges such as discounts and presents if you show eligible tickets (Tokyo Subway Ticket or Toei Bus One-day Pass) at the participating facilities/stores.

(2) General support services for foreigners visiting Japan

Supports are offered for various troubles during your trip for up to 72 hours from the midnight following the purchase date of ”TOKYO STARTER KIT”.

[1] raveling insurance for foreigners visiting Japan

・Coverage contents, etc.

Coverage contents:The insurance covers medical costs of injuries and diseases in Japan and cost of transfer to your country

Insurance amount:¥5 million yen

Insurance period:From midnight following the subscription procedure date (purchase date of “TOKYO STARTER KIT”) to the time of departure from Japan (up to 3 days)

・Cashless medical service

We will introduce a medical institution suitable for your injury or disease so that you can get a medical service without bearing any medical cost. In this case, the insurance company directly pays the medical cost. You can receive medical treatment up to 5 million yen without self-pay.

・Telephone interpretation services

On receiving medical examinations at a medical institution, you can use a telephone interpretation service in 3 languages: English, Chinese, and Korean. Besides, you can use the telephone interpretation service in 43 languages at a restaurant, a hotel as well as a medical institution.

・Travel services

Comprehensive service is provided including supports when your passport or credit card is lost or stolen, such as a pickup service between airport and a hotel and a transmission of message to your family abroad.

[2] Conveying disaster information

Disaster information is conveyed through a special application (English, Chinese, and Korean) for the TOKYO STARTER KIT purchasers in the event of a natural disaster according to location information. Furthermore, you can get the information on the nearest evacuation area and the route to go to the place.

A new mechanism has been developed to read necessary information only by holding up your passport in front of a special terminal when you subscribe this service. You don’t have to execute complicated procedures including writing your name, address, etc., on the agreement documents.  

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