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2019/10/15 09:33


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【恵州(中国)2019年10月14日PR Newswire】2019年は、中国が広東・香港・マカオ大湾区(GBA)の建設を続けるに際し、恵州仲ガイハイテク産業開発区(Huizhou Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone、HZZK)が高品質な発展を推進し、第1級のハイテク区の1つとしての主導的地位を維持するために重要な年である。HZZKは今や、より効率的な事業に好都合の環境を創出し、中国での拡大、または中国への進出を目指し、結果としてHZZKを新工場計画の最適地として選ぶ可能性が大きい内外のもっと多くの企業を誘致することにコミットしている。








2019年初め以来、HZZKは管理サービス分野の改革によって、事業に好都合な環境の一層の拡大に注力してきた。HZZK Administrative Service Center(管理サービスセンター)は6月3日、企業登録、会社印調達と書類提出、銀行口座開設、税務当局への登録を網羅する一括サービスの開始を市全域で主導した。企業はかつてほぼ1日かかった事業免許を提出から数時間以内に受け取れる。銀行口座開設は2時間未満である。納税登録・申告完了までの手続きは少なくとも5倍縮小されている。全プロセスに要する時間は9営業日から1営業日に短縮された。



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HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Enhances Investment Attraction by Creating a Business-friendly Environment


HUIZHOU, China, Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/--

2019 is a vital year for HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (HZZK) to

motivate its high-quality development and maintain its leading position as one

of the first-class hi-tech zones while China is continuing the construction of

the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. HZZK is now committed to

creating a more efficient business-friendly environment and attracting more

companies from home and abroad which are seeking to expand in or into China,

and, as a result, are more likely to choose HZZK as the best place for their

plans of the new plants.

Promoting close collaboration with the world's leading companies through five

key measures

HZZK has adopted an innovative approach to working closely with transnational

enterprises and other local firms seeking to expand, ensuring to reach the best

possible results through five key measures. During the entire

enterprises-investing process, namely from negotiation of enterprises'

investment plan signing of the cooperation contract, to the operation of the

plant, and followed by technological upgrade by enterprises, HZZK seeks

excellent investment projects worldwide, explores collaborative opportunities

with domestic companies, promotes investments in the certain sectors of

industrial chains, and provides support to accelerate completion of projects as

well as offers best services in the whole investment process.

HZZK has made it a priority to build up a qualified team to be involved in

investment promotion. The Bureau of Economic Development in HZZK has

established a team with its members with competence in English, Japanese,

Korean, French and German. HZZK has built a global network by opening offices

and incubators in Germany, the US, South Korea and Japan. HZZK also hosts

annual investment promotion events, business matching conferences and industry

forums in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the US.

According to the recent overall rankings, HZZK claims the 13th place on the

list that includes 147 Chinese high-tech zones in terms of local enterprises

partnering and competing with the world's leading companies in international


Addressing the issues of local companies through face-to-face platform regularly

HZZK helps solve the issues of local companies through face-to-face meetings

regularly. Leaders of HZZK meet the heads of companies face-to-face in a site

office at a fixed time every month with the aim of solving their existing

problems. Currently, 100% of the issues are accepted and 100% of that are

resolved, which demonstrates the platform's efficiency and effectiveness.

Continuously improving administrative services

Since the beginning of 2019, HZZK has focused on further enhancing the

business-friendly environment by reforming in the area of administrative

services. On June 3rd, the HZZK Administrative Service Center took the lead

across the city in launching the packaged service encompassing business

registration, corporate seal procurement and document filing, opening of a bank

account and registration with the tax authorities. Companies can receive their

business license within hours of submitting the application, while previously

it required almost a full day. In addition, it takes less than two hours to

open a bank account. The process of the completion of the tax registration

return trips is reduced at least five times. The time needed for the entire

process has been shortened from nine workdays to one.

The HZZK Administrative Service Center has upgraded its existing information

system by adding new features, including appointment check on WeChat, website

appointment, APP appointment and QR code scan for waiting-to-be-called note,

making it much easier for companies to take care of all their administrative



Heloise LIU

Phone: +86-752-3278-926

Website: www.hzzk.gov.cn

E-mail: zkinvestment@163.com

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