Moriizo, One of Japan’s Top Premier “Shochu” Distilled Spirit Brands, Selects JALUX as ...


2020/2/4 14:00

TOKYO, Feb. 4, 2020 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Moriizo, One of Japan’s Top Premier “Shochu” Distilled Spirit Brands, Selects JALUX as Exclusive Export Agent

JALUX Inc. (TSE First Section: 2729) has been chosen by MORIIZO SHUZO CO., LTD. as an exclusive export agent for the “Moriizo” brand of “shochu” distilled spirit. The company is beginning to export it mainly to the United States and Europe as well as China and other Asian countries in February 2020.



MORIIZO SHUZO, based in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, is a shochu distillery with over 130 years of history, and was referred to as “the Chateau Petrus” of Kagoshima’s shochu distillers by the New York Times. Also it is well known that Jacques Chirac, former president of France, so loved to drink Moriizo that he sent a thank-you letter to the company.

The “Moriizo” brand was established in 1988. Since then, it has captivated many fans with its intriguing taste, high quality and limited availability. Because of this combination, Moriizo is highly desired, with the distillery and the designated retailer both selling the product by lottery -- when it is available.

The company chose JALUX as the sole export agent for Moriizo, based on its successful track record of importing fine champagne and wines from around the world, and exporting “washu” (traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages) such as “sake” rice wine.

Kakushi Mori, the fifth-generation head of the Mori family, said: “Our family has been making high-quality shochu for over 130 years. Even in Japan, Moriizo has had limited distribution to Japan Airlines and major department stores. We realized that in order to reach the world, we needed a company with international experience in fine wines and spirits to help us deliver Moriizo to the world. We’re very excited about our partnership with JALUX.”

Osamu Yamamoto, executive officer of JALUX, said, “JALUX is highly trusted by our partners of wineries around the world as a company dedicated to strategic, long-term brand building. Working with Moriizo gives us the opportunity to promote the world about the rarest and best Japanese shochu. We’re very proud and pleased to bring Moriizo shochu to the international stage.”

About shochu

Shochu, Japan’s most famous distilled spirit, is typically distilled from sweet potatoes, barley, rice, cane sugar or buckwheat. Moriizo’s shochu is distilled from Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes grown specifically for the company, fermented with native yeast in its original facility (built in 1885), in handmade clay vats that are over 130 years old. Moriizo uses the region’s famous Tarumizu spring water from the company’s own well.

What makes shochu different from other distilled spirits, such as vodka, is that it is only distilled once. This allows the spirit’s original base ingredients to greatly influence the aroma and flavor of the final product. Shochu is also usually distilled at around 40-50 proof, making it a lighter spirit in general.

As “Washoku” (traditional Japanese cuisine, added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2013) becomes more popular throughout the world, JALUX plans to sell the Moriizo shochu to fine Japanese restaurants and bars in major cities abroad.

About JALUX Inc.

JALUX Inc. is a trading company with expertise in the aviation and airport areas. It provides original value-added products and services in following four business domains; Aviation & Airport business, Life Service business, Retail business and Food & Beverage business. For details, visit:

About Moriizo Shochu

- Trade name: Gokujo Moriizo

- Net content: 720ml

- Alcohol content: 25%

- Ingredients: sweet potatoes, koji (malted rice)

- Characteristics: Moriizo Shochu is a luxury distilled spirit that has gone through a long-ripening process for more than three years in a storehouse with stable temperature and humidity. Its sweet flavor and mild taste spread in the mouth.

- Export destinations: Countries around the world, including the United States, European countries and China

- Scheduled to start exporting: Febuary 2020



1. Established: 1885

2. Representative: Kakushi Mori, the fifth-generation head of the Mori family

3. Business content: Production and sale of shochu distilled spirits

4. Company website:

5. Brand name: In the USA, they sell under the name with its Chinese character, and outside the USA, they sell under the “MORIIZO” trade name.



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