SAMSUNG SDI Obtains a License from CAMX for its GEMX(TM) Advanced Battery Cathode Material Platform

CAMX Power

2020/6/30 17:06



LEXINGTON, Massachusetts, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


CAMX Power LLC (CAMX) of Lexington, Massachusetts (  

announces that SAMSUNG SDI has obtained a non-exclusive license under the

intellectual property of CAMX relating to the GEMX platform and its offers as

gLNO(TM), gNMC(TM) and gNCA(TM), all nickel based high energy high power

cathode materials for use in lithium ion batteries, for portable as well as

electric vehicle applications.


The GEMX platform is based on a fundamental invention of CAMX for which patents

have been granted in the US, EU, Japan, Korea and China. This invention creates

a broad class of cathode active materials.  The platform is being offered as

three products, gLNO, gNMC and gNCA overarching the high nickel classes of NMC,

NCA and LNO, the chemistries currently used and expected to be used in the next

ten years or more especially in lithium ion batteries for EVs. The GEMX

invention, through molecular engineering, places cobalt at the critical places

in the cathode particles resulting in use of less cobalt, yet with greater stability,

higher performance and lower cost for all classes of high nickel materials.  


These patents have remaining lives beyond 2030.  


"As one of the foremost lithium ion cell and material companies in the world,

SAMSUNG SDI is expected to very quickly and efficiently take the technology to

very successful implementations" said Dr. Kenan Sahin, Founder and President of

CAMX, who added, "Instead of attempting production ourselves, by working with

eminent and well established companies like SAMSUNG SDI, we as CAMX can see our

inventions rapidly and more broadly come to market for the benefit of society

especially in the environmentally beneficial, non-polluting, connected and

self-aware electric vehicles poised to dominate transportation and become a

multi-trillion dollar industry in itself."


Previous licensees of GEMX include Johnson Matthey and of CAMX's earlier

cathode platform CAM-7, BASF and Johnson Matthey.




See  Samsung SDI is a global leader in the manufacture of

rechargeable batteries for IT industry, automobiles, and energy storage systems

(ESS), as well as cutting-edge materials used to produce semiconductors,

displays, and solar panels.


Samsung SDI is at the forefront of the effort to create energy and cutting-edge

materials that enrich the quality of life around the world.


About CAMX Power LLC


See  CAMX Power LLC is one of the largest independent

lithium-ion battery materials and cell design companies in the US,

headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts near Boston.


Its core business model and technology strategy is to mature early stage

technologies to be de-risked, IP-protected, and scale-up ready, and then

license them to large, established manufacturing partners. CAMX engages in deep

technology transfer with our partners, enabling them with a manufacturing

package to rapidly extend, make, and sell, thereby achieving far greater and

quicker impact for the betterment of society and the environment.


Both the GEMX and CAM-7 cathode platforms have now reached markets through the

application of these core business and technology models of CAMX.


The company maintains a lithium-ion battery material synthesis facility, a

development-purposed cathode production plant, and design-purposed, advanced

cell making facilities. With seasoned facilities, exceptional staff, strong IP,

and deep know-how, CAMX is well poised to rapidly and economically launch

additional manufacturing partners into this growing space.


Media Contact:  Thomas Carney,, +1-781-879-1254


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